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10 Reasons Your Future Gemini Baby Will Be *The* Best

It's Gemini Season, mamas! What?! You didn't know that today is the beginning of the best season of the year? Oh, when is Gemini Season, you ask? Well, from May 21 to June 20, of course! And during that time thousands of new Geminis, represented by "the twins," will come into the world and aren't we all lucky. Sometimes this star sign gets a bad rap, unfortunately. Geminis, they say, are two-faced, flighty, indecisive, and anxious. But let tell you all the reasons you should be excited for your Gemini baby, because this sign is twice the fun.

OK, I'm a teeny bit biased because, yes, my second child is a Gemini. (Actually, she's a double Gemini with Gemini sun and moon signs). And I know astrology is just for fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously, but if ever there were a textbook Gemini my girl is it. And, again, I'm biased, but she's super awesome, and the things that make her so delightful are, by and large, her "Gemini qualities."

If I were to sum up this sign in a word, that word would probably be "sparkling." From outlook to intelligence, from humor to relationships, everything about this airy sign is bright and engaging. They are naturally drawn to others who, in turn, are drawn to them.

So if your due date is between the end of May to the end of June, here are just some of the Gemini qualities you may have to look forward to:

They're Charming

Geminis are natural charmers, and without a doubt are the people other people love to be around. They will absolutely use this to their advantage, so watch out, but I'm not going to lie, it also makes the typical childhood crap more bearable. They're the kind of kids that can just flash a mischievous smile and, suddenly, it's not such a big deal that they've painted all over the couch. (And, like, is it a big deal? Doesn't it kind of look better that way?)

They're Witty

Their natural intelligence and lively sense of humor means that your little Gemini will have an entertaining response for literally everything. They'll be able to buoy boring conversations and awkward social situations with their sparkling repartee. They do love to have the last word, which can be irritating as a parent but, again, they're so damn charming about it that it's more bearable than it would be otherwise.

They're Quick To Make Friends

Gemini are the Zodiac's social butterflies. Their quick minds and airy, fun-loving attitudes draw people to them, so they never want for a companion (which is good, because Gemini can't stand to be alone). This may sometimes lead to a whole lot of not-so-deep friendships, but don't be worried. While there will be a whole bunch of "acquaintance" friendships in your child's life (they may be the kid who seems to have a new BFF every other week), Gemini recognize and treasure deep, meaningful relationships of all kinds and will remain steadfastly connected to those with whom they form true bonds.

They're Extremely Adaptable

Gemini babies are the type you can just stick in a car seat or a play pen and take anywhere. They're not to troubled if their schedule is thrown off or if they have to go someplace new. They want to be where the action is anyway, so it's OK if you play it loose and fast with their routines.

They'll Always Talk To You

Perhaps a Gemini's strongest suit is communication (they're rules by Mercury, and communicating is that planet's specialty). Whether in speech or writing, Gemini are all about talking things out, good or bad, to get a better handle on a situation or to let you know what's up with them. There's no sense in trying to avoid an important or meaningful conversation with a Gemini. Before you know it they'll have charmed you into baring your soul. (Don't worry, it goes both ways: they're equally willing to be vulnerable with you.)

They're Curious

So, so curious. This is probably an extension of their social nature: wide-eyed Gemini want to engage with everything in their world. Moreover, Gemini love novelty, so they're always on the lookout for something new to capture their interest (and, perhaps, a spot on their busy social calendar). Incidentally, between the communication, writing skills, and curiosity, Gemini are naturally excellent journalists.

They're Problem-Solvers

Gemini love a good time, so much so that anything that stands in the way of that good time must be handled immediately. They are more than willing to roll up their sleeves and be the ones to take charge of the situation, no matter how unpleasant or difficult.

They're Creative

Artistic and dynamic and always able to look at things from a different point of view, Gemini love finding new and exciting outlets for all that energy. While they tend to be more wordy their creativity can take any form, from sculpture and dance to music.

They Make Great Team Players

Maybe it's because Gemini is represented by "The Twins," but they love to be part of something larger than themselves. This makes Gemini especially good at group projects, and their adaptability means they're just as happy to lead as follow — wherever they can shine best, really, and allow everyone else to shine.

And of course, it should go without saying, that this will make them magnificent additions to Team Family.

They're Affectionate

Who doesn't love a good snuggle with their little one, right? Fortunately, Gemini will be more than happy to oblige because not only are they going to tell you how much they love you (communication FTW!) they're also always down for a good cuddle.