How Long After Sex Should I Pee If I'm Trying To Induce Labor?

Many woman reach a point in their pregnancy when they are just over it. With a due date in close sight (or perhaps one come and gone) you may set your sights on some handy DIY methods of encouraging that little one to make an appearance sooner rather than later. A popular method for at-home induction is a good old fashioned romp. Since it's the semen that has the ability to make the magic of contractions happen, you may wonder: how long after sex should I pee if I'm trying to induce labor? Because when it comes to bringing on labor, patience is a virtue.

As Fit Pregnancy magazine pointed out, there are a few reasons sex can induce labor, and perhaps the combination of these is why some women swear by doing the deed to get the process moving. The most widely accepted theory is that the prostaglandins contained in semen soften and ripen the cervix. In fact, prostaglandins are an ingredient used in medical induction, which proves just how powerful this secret ingredient can be. Add to this the ability of the female orgasm to bring on labor, and you have yourself a bright prospect for speeding up your delivery date.

So once the action is over, what's a girl to do? It seems kicking up your feet and relaxing for a bit may be your best bet. As the website for Women's Health reported, "when the semen is deposited and it rests against the cervix, it can help it to dilate. It is a good idea to just lie down after sex and allow the prostaglandins to remain against the cervix for as long as possible." So fight that urge to pee for as long as you can. Perhaps this would be a good time to catch up on some of those shows you have been meaning to watch, because once the baby comes this luxury will be a memory.

Although the idea of bringing on labor after a little sex sounds easy enough, nothing is foolproof when it comes to inducing at home. As the website for the American Association of Family Physicians cautioned, "the role of sexual intercourse as a method of promoting labor initiation remains uncertain," due to a lack of research. So even though some women swear by this method, it doesn't work for everyone.

As long as your doctor gives you the thumbs up, and you're up for a little nookie, give this plan a shot. Just remember to pee before hopping between the sheets so you'll have an empty bladder afterwards. This way you can let the prostaglandins do their job so you'll be singing "Happy Birthday," to your baby soon.