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How To Tell Your Husband You're Pregnant In The Most Memorable Way

Whether you’re the full-blown scavenger hunt type or would rather keep it simple.

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Whether you’ve been trying to conceive and finally see those two pink lines, or you take a pregnancy test and are caught by surprise at the results, one of the most fun parts of being pregnant is telling the people you love. And, for many, telling their husband or partner becomes one of the most memorable moments of their lives. It’s natural to want to make it special.

In my case, my husband and I were TTC for many months and had plenty of pregnancy test strips on-hand. I loved the idea of planning a big reveal to tell him I was pregnant when the time came, but he’s not a huge fan of surprises, and I thought it might be equally special for us to find out together. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I didn’t have any elaborate plans...

On a regular old Tuesday night, I was dealing with some serious period cramps for the fourth day in a row and told him I was getting out of bed to take some Advil. He said I should take a pregnancy test first, just to be safe, since we’d read that ibuprofen and TTC don’t always agree with one another. I did, begrudgingly, and went back into the bathroom a few minutes later. I don’t remember what I shouted at him (probably just “Babe!”), but he ran in and we hugged and laid in bed talking about how surreal it felt to see a positive test. And that’s how we learned I was pregnant, and also what implantation cramps are.

How To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Here’s the good thing: there’s no right or wrong way to tell your husband that you’re having a baby. The best thing you can do is decide how you want that moment to feel in the present and when you look back.

Do you want to tell your partner somewhere special to you both, even if other people are around? Would you rather do it in private, at home, just the two of you? Do you want to capture it on video, or just in your mind’s eye? Would your partner like an elaborate gift box with a positive test inside, or would they rather hear you say it? Maybe you’ll decide to incorporate his favorite hobbies into the big reveal, or something you enjoy doing together. Once you’ve thought through all your options, it’s time to get some inspo.

Telling Your Husband You’re Pregnant With Your Pregnancy Test

If you want to show your partner your positive test to let them know, you could pop it into a long box, add a bow, and present it to them as a surprise gift. Or, why not tell your husband you’re pregnant with a fun activity you can do together, like a scavenger hunt around your home that ends with him finding the pregnancy test? A quick Google search will show you lots of free printable scavenger hunts, like one from The Postpartum Party with six short and sweet clues.

YouTube beauty guru RawBeautyKristi suprised her husband by hiding her positive pregnancy test in the silverware drawer and asking her hubs for a straw so he’d find it. She was able to capture his reaction to keep forever and share with her followers, so you could easily do something similar and hide your phone somewhere to record the whole surprise.

Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot With Dad-To-Be

Of course, if you’re looking to remember your man’s reaction forever when you tell him you’re pregnant, having a photoshoot is the ultimate move (this one featuring Atlanta realtor and mom Ariane Ellsberry and her husband is just so sweet). You can tell him it’s just a couples’ session so you have nice photos of yourself to hang at home, or whatever other fib he’ll buy. Then, reveal it to him during the shoot with an ultrasound, letterboard, or t-shirt.

Surprise Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant At Home

If you’re looking for a cute way to tell your husband you’re pregnant while you’re together at home, well, the options are endless. If you two share a fur baby together already, you can include them in the surprise as well. Purchase a bandana for your cat or dog that announces they’ll be a big brother or sister soon and wait for your partner to spot the surprise hidden in plain sight.

Need to throw something together quick? Grab a little velvet jewelry box or gift card holder. Next, Google the number of weeks pregnant you think you are and find a food or household item that’s similar in size (I found out when my baby was lentil-sized). Grab a lentil or other to-scale item from the pantry and tape it to a small piece of paper. Write, “This is the size of our baby.” Place the paper inside the box and boom: instant announcement using things you already had at home.

If your boo is the kind of person who can never find anything around the house (and is therefore pretty unlikely to notice any subtle clues), you could always let them walk into a full blown pregnancy party setup when they get home from work or a chill day with friends on the weekend. Nothing like a “We’re Pregnant!” banner to really get the point across.

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“You’re Going To Be A Dad” Gifts

Last but not least, you can always wrap a gift that tells him he’s going to be a dad, or symbolizes it in some way, and present it to him when you’re ready. If you want to hand your partner a gift that will tell them they’re going to be a father, there’s no shortage of options. Whether he’s a fisherman, coffee lover, or obsessed with The Office, you can find a little symbol of your pregnancy that he’ll treasure forever.

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