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These 20 Leo Baby Boy Names Are Just Right For Your Little Leader

From Lionel to Leander, these names will totally represent your fiery (but not so ferocious) Leo baby.

When you’re pregnant, it can feel like everyone comes up with their own list of names that you *should* select for your baby. But because there can be so much pressure to please everyone and pick out the perfect name, you just might want to throw your hands up in the air and look up at the heavens for some help. And it’s in that moment, when you’re searching the sky for a solution, that you might glean some astrological inspiration. So if you’re going to give birth to a little baby sometime in late July to August, these Leo boy names might make you feel as proud as, well, a lion.

Astrologically speaking, Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Running from July 23rd to August 22, the Leo sign is represented by, naturally, a lion. A fire sign, Leos are ruled by the Sun, and tend to be very loyal, passionate, generous, and funny, Astrology Zodiac Signs reported. They are strong-willed and love to lead, so don’t be surprised if your newborn totally takes over your house.

If you’re looking for a Leo boy name, these will definitely represent your little king of the jungle.



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Sure, right now the name Lionel is synonymous with Messi, the Argentine soccer player, but it can be a great name for a baby boy. Of Latin origin, the name means “lion” which makes sense since the Leo constellation is a lion. It can be pronounced Lye-a-nel, or Lee-o-nel, depending on your preference.



Aiden is a really popular little boy’s name. It is of Irish origin and means “little and fiery,” which is fitting for a little lion.



Looking to pay homage to your Italian roots? Then Elio might be a good fit. It comes from the Greek sun god, Helios. You can always add the H and the S letters if you want to make it longer, but Elio will surely bring sunshine.



A gender-neutral name, Leal means “faithful” in French. And since one of a lion’s many traits is loyalty, it fits well. Plus, Leal also sounds like “Leo”, making it a hands-down winner.



Since the Leo astrological sign runs from July 22-August 23, you can also take inspiration from the months themselves. So if you’re looking for a take on August, you can opt for Augustus. Not only does it mean “great, magnificent” (like a lion’s presence), but it’s an ode to the month of August as well.



You love your little lion in the making, so why not celebrate your sweetie with a name that means lion? Leonardo means “brave lion” and is of Spanish and Italian origin. And obvs, the nickname for Leonardo is Leo, which is probably the name you wanted all along, anyway.



Well, if you’re going to include August on your potential baby name list, you should also consider Julio, too. It can be the Spanish variation of Julius, but it also literally translates to “July,” too. Julio can other sunny nicknames as well, such as Elio or Jules.



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Looking for a Leo-inspired name that isn’t quite as common? Gurion might be your go-to. It’s of Hebrew origin and it means “cub” or “young lion.”



You love the idea of giving your baby a name that means lion. So look to Ari, which means “lion.” It’s a Hebrew name, and has been traditionally been a little boy’s name, but is starting to become gender-neutral now.



When you think of a lion, probably its long, flowing mane comes to mind. That’s why you couldn’t pick a better name than Blaine. The gender-neutral name is of Scottish origin and means “yellow” the exact color of the summer sun, and the lion’s lovely coat.



He’s not even here yet, but your baby has already taken control over your entire house —and life. That’s why you can pick Leroy as a baby name, since it means “the king.” It’s of French origin, and can be pronounced Lee-roy, or Le-ROY, depending on how you want to stress it.



Maybe you might think of Miley, (or even Billy Ray), but Cyrus is a simple yet sweet boy’s name that honors your little Leo. It’s a boy’s name of Persian origin that means “sun.” And as a nickname, Cy is short and sweet.



If you want a Leo-oriented boy’s name with a back story, you can’t beat Daniel. In the Bible, Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den (literally), survived, and later became a prophet. A Hebrew name, it means “God is my judge” and consistently ranks as one of the top baby boy’s names of all time.



Eric is a boy’s name that means “forever or alone, a ruler.” It is of Old Norse descent, and consistently remains a current name. When you realize that lions like to rule the roost (er, jungle), Eric is a good fit. It can also be spelled Erik, or Erick as well.



Did you know that the sun isn’t actually yellow, but a bright white color? That’s why you should give Galvin a go. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and means “brilliantly white,” just like the sun’s rays during those hot summer months.



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An Arabic name, Anwar is a baby boy’s name. It means “brighter” or “more luminous,” which can relate to the sun — or your little lion’s sparkly eyes.



Sure, they sleep for hours on end (kind of like a newborn, really), but lions aren’t known for being docile creatures. And Wyatt, which is of English origin, means “brave in war,” kind of like a lion. It’s also becoming a more gender-neutral name lately.



Of Greek origin, Leander is a boy’s name. It’s of Greek origin and means “lion man.” While it’s not super popular stateside, it is a top baby name in countries like Norway, in Spain (where it’s Leandro), and France, where it’s known as Leandre.



Aurelius is a boy’s name of Latin origin. It means “the golden one,” and although it’s associated with Roman emperors (Marcus Aurelius, anyone?), it’s still a unique name today.



Sure, there are a lot of L’s in Llewellyn, but it’s for a good reason. The baby boy’s name, of Welsh origin, means “like a lion.” And with potential nicknames like Louie, who can resist this sweet, old-fashioned name?

If a little Leo baby boy is about to enter your life, you’re going to need a name that’s fabulous and fun. And these 20 Leo names are regal enough to fit a king of the jungle, even one that’s rocking newborn diapers.