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Magical baby names to give you sweet witchy vibes
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48 Magical Baby Names For The Stevie Nicks In All Of Us

Consult with your inner goddess and pick a name for your baby that transcends the physical realm. (And also makes you think of twinkle lights and Hogwarts.)

Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night, and wouldn't you love to love her? Takes through the sky like a bird in flight. And who will be her lover?

Does seeing the lyrics to Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac make you want to wrap yourself in a shawl and spin around the room? Do you feel compelled to light some candles, burn some incense, or just string up a trail of twinkle lights across your mantle? If you’re also pregnant, this list of magical baby names definitely deserves a scroll.

The idea of witchcraft, neopaganism, and Wicca in modern society has definitely come back in full force, especially for the Millennial and Gen Z generations. Perhaps we’re looking to regain some sense of power and purpose, or perhaps we’re truly finding the magic within us, but either way, it’s definitely an interesting and empowering ancient practice to study and learn.

For some practitioners, magic is a study in feminism. For others, they took off running with their growing interest in astrology and fell into tarot cards, studying energies, and more. For others, it’s the perfect spiritual practice for those who are already interested in mindfulness, meditation, and new age philosophies.

No matter why or how you’re dabbling in mysticism and magic, there’s no doubt that its popularity is here to stay. So cleanse your space, grab your favorite crystals, and settle in to check out these magical baby names for your new little witchling or wizard that will soon be earthside. I also highly recommend putting Rhiannon on repeat as you scroll through these names.



Fleetwood Mac — Rhiannon


The queen herself — Stevie Nicks. If you’ve listened to her Fleetwood Mac hit Rhiannon, you’ll know she is absolutely a witch, and what’s more magical than that? Honor the goddess by naming your child Stevie.



Sage is typically burned in a bundle to cleanse spaces and ward off evil and negative energies. If you’re into hedge witchery, the non-magical properties of sage include healing cuts, bites, and having anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also delicious.



Per Flying the Hedge, clove can be used in protection spells, banishing magic, money spells, and healing rituals. It’s additionally linked to healing and protection from illness, the website notes. Clove oil is also used as an antiseptic by hedge witches and others interested in herbal medicine.



Resin incense is the most powerful smelling and effective incense, and they’re made from beads of tree sap. Then folks add essential oils, colors, and other dried ingredients that smell wonderful — wood chips, flower petals, etc.



Rosemary has been used as a cleanser, purifier, and protector from negative energies since ancient times, whether it’s used in a bundle to smoke cleanse, a plant, or even dried herbs hanging. According to a Grove and Grotto article, “A rosemary bush in the garden is supposed to attract elves and repel thieves.”



Arwen was the daughter of Elrond and Celebrían, the Elvish lord and lady of Rivendell in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. According to a Tolkien wiki, Arwen means “noble maiden.



Are you a Harry Potter fan? I’d say you’d be the ultimate super fan if you named your child Sirius after Harry Potter’s godfather, a courageous and loyal wizard.



Amethyst is a gorgeous purple crystal, and reiki practitioners use them to enhance the immune system, improve endocrine function, improve the skin, promote digestive health, reduce headaches, and regulate hormones, per Healthline. Some natural health practitioners even use them to treat addiction.

“Metaphysical crystal practitioners may also believe that amethyst geodes or crystals placed in your home will absorb negative energy and create an air of tranquility in the space,” the Healthline article notes. And they can also be used to open your third eye.



Naming your baby after the smartest and most cunning witch herself, Hermione Granger, is the ultimate fandom move. Now everyone will (hopefully) know how to pronounce it since the Harry Potter books and movies have been out a while. I think when I read the books back in the 8th grade (way before the movies) I pronounced it Hermy Oh-nee. Whew.



A calming stone, selenite is excellent for spiritual work and for meditation. It also can be used to remove negative energies, help you connect to higher realms of existence, and it has a feminine energy.

It can even be used to charge your other crystals you own, and it also recharges them so you can use them to their full effect.



Lilith means “the night” and her original story came from the “ancient Near East” where a “wilderness spirit known as the dark maid appears in the Sumerian myth, The Descent of Inanna,” according to

“In some sources, she's described as a demon, in others she is an icon who became one of the darkest deities of the pagans. Lilith is one of the oldest known female spirits of the world. Her roots come from the famous Epic of Gilgamesh, but she was also described in the Bible and the Talmud,” reported



A take on the word celestial, which pertains to the “sky or visible heaven or to the universe beyond the earth’s atmosphere.” The cosmos, the universe, the sky — all very magical entities.



From Shakespeare’s most magical story (in my opinion), Oberon was king of the faeries, and his conflict with his wife sets the tone for the whimsical and crazy evening that ensues in Midsummer Night’s Dream.



In Norse mythology, Odin is the god of war, as well as the god of poetry, the dead, runes, and magic.



There’s just something magical about the moon. It’s featured in all sorts of lore, and there are many rituals that go along with the lunar cycle and phases.



Althea is the goddess of healing in Greek mythology and the marshmallow root — which hedge witches use for throat coat, digestive issues, and coughs — comes from the althaea genus.



An aura is “an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds people, animals, and things,” reported Bustle. And each individual has specific colors in their own aura and it’s a manifestation of their vibe and personality.

Additionally, each aura has seven layers that correspond with your seven chakras in your body.



Sadly, Alice Nutter was part of the witch trials in the 16th century in Lancashire. She was accused of being a witch and was hanged as part of the Pendle witch hunt. Her statue in Roughlee, UK, was erected to honor the 400th anniversary of the witch trials. The name Alice also means “of the noble kind.”



Eira (pronounced AY-rah) is the Norse goddess of healing and medicine. If you’re a hedge witch, this name may be a good pick for your baby.




The mystic properties of amber include attracting good luck, clearing the mind, balancing emotions, and dissolving negative energy. It’s associated with the Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Throat Chakras, per



Anise seeds are used to calm and build the nervous system, and magically is used to ward off the “evil eye,” stimulate psychic ability, and find happiness, per



Metaphysically speaking, the jade stone is excellent for “restoring your soul’s purity,” and is a “symbol for peace and love.” It’s also been associated with the wisdom and tranquility of the universe, which is very magical.



The malachite stone has a “strong affinity with nature and Devic energy, helping guide their cycles of growth and decay,” according to the crystal glossary. “Malachite is protective and grounding. It clears obstructions, blockages, and old patterns to dispel confusion and apathy. Use this stone to help establish energetic and emotional boundaries that will lead to a more positive mindset.”

There are several sweet nicknames from this choice, too.



“The supreme nurturer, stone of courage, stone of wisdom,” are some of the ways the glossary of crystals on defines this gorgeous crystal. “Jasper is primarily connected with the root or base chakra. It is capable of clearing and aligning all chakras.” I love it.



According to, “Many cultures around the world depict the fox in their myths and lore extensively.” In Native American traditions, if the fox is your “spirit animal,” you’re “likely among the intellectual lot whose sheer cleverness helps them draw quick solutions to problems and challenging questions in life,” the website notes.



It’s no secret that black cats have magical roots and are often seen accompanying a witch in popular culture. Plus who could forget Binx in Hocus Pocus? The name “Kitty” would make a great homage to the beautiful creatures.



Khons or Khonsu is an Egyptian deity that’s referred to as the “moon god.”



Dragomir played Chaser for the Chudley Cannons in Harry Potter, and it also means “he who cares about peace” or “precious” according to Behind the Name. Plus it sounds pretty medieval and magical, doesn’t it?



Lobelia is an herb used for attracting love and preventing storms in ritual and spells, according to Other non-magical uses include helping with asthma, depression, and it can induce vomiting. I love the nickname Lo for this one, or even Belia.



According to, “Mullein is a light bringer — from Roman times up until recently the leaves of mullein were dipped in wax or tallow and used as a lamp wick or torch.” Metaphysical properties include summoning energies of courage, love, and protection, and it’s often used in an amulet to ward off nightmares.



Cardamom is used to clear the mind, and used in rituals and spells for lust, love, and fidelity. It’s also used to “treat sickness from damp, hot weather,” says.



Magical uses of hibiscus include attracting love and lust, divination, and dreams, according to It’s also consumed for its antioxidant properties, and is used to treat cold, flu, and period pains.



If you grew up in the ‘90s, you’ll remember the show Sabrina the Teenage Witch. There’s another witchy Sabrina in pop culture now, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, where she’s also a half-witch, half-human. Clearly the name Sabrina is very magical.



Westend61/Westend61/Getty Images

Marie Laveau was the “Voodoo Queen of New Orleans,” and she was a healer and philanthropist, according to the New Orleans Ghost City Tours website.

“Songs have been written about her. She has inspired movies. And the popular television show, American Horror Story, has created a fan cult devoted to her legend. She has crossed the line from a historical figure to famous pop-culture icon, 138 years after her death,” the website notes. The name Marie also means “star of the sea” which is super magical and sweet.



According to The Alchemist’s Kitchen, the aquamarine stone is perfect for writers, teachers, and public speakers to instill gentle and receptive communication. This is because it’s “a stone of simplification and courageous expression, encouraging clarity and the ability to speak ones truth with compassion.”



Aine is an Irish goddess that’s associated with midsummer and the sun. In fact the name itself means “radiance,” so that totally makes sense.



Isobel Gowdie confessed to being a witch in Scotland in 1662. “17th century Scotland had one of the highest rates of witchcraft persecution in Europe — and the trial of Isobel Gowdie is deemed as one of the most important within this period,” the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic website says.

Isobel also very sweetly means “God’s promise.”



A Shaman is a religious person who can interact with the spirit world that we can’t see with the physical eye. They do so with altered states of consciousness, meditation, and trance. They’re also healers in the New Age community.

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation,” according to



Uzzi is Hebrew for “my power.” That’s pretty magical, don’t you think?



Honor George Burroughs, who was a reverend man hanged for witchcraft in Salem, one of very few men who were believed to be witches at the time. The name George also means “farmer.”



Mage literally means a magician or wizard, so perfect for your tiny witchling.



Comfrey is used in ritual to manifest money, stability, endurance, safety during travel, and “matters relating to real estate or property,” says.



An homage to the witchy anthem that we all know and love. Stevie Nicks would be so proud you named your child after her witchy song. Rhiannon also means “great queen or goddess” which is extra magical.



In hedge and kitchen witchery, cedar leaf is used as a strong disinfectant, an expectorant, and a fungal skin treatment, according to Magical uses include using the ingredient in rituals and spells for confidence, strength, power, money, protection, and healing, the website notes. You can also use cedar to make magick wands. It has a fun nature vibe that also feels extra magical.



Azziz means powerful, which is perfect for your little witch or warlock. They’ll feel their sense of power for sure.



The Morrigan is one of the famous triple goddesses in Celtic mythology. She’s also known as the goddess of magic, symbolizes the circle of life, and her name literally translates to “great queen.”

The triple goddess in neopaganism includes the goddess of the moon, the earth, and childbirth.



In Celtic mythology, Brigid is the goddess of healing, fertility, motherhood, passion, and fire, according to She is the protector of mothers and children, and has fiery hair. Her Sabbat holiday is Imbolc, which takes place on February first and is marked as the beginning of the Irish year.



Zoe is the first character of American Horror Story: Coven that we meet when she realizes she’ s witch in a pretty crazy way. No spoilers. She is then sent to Miss Robichaux's Academy, an academy for witches. The name Zoe also means “life” and what could be more magical than that?