15 Maternity Gowns For The Hospital That Are Cute, Fashionable, & Comfortable

These gowns truly deliver.

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The moment that you meet your baby for the first time is quite possibly one of the most important pictures you’ll take as a new parent. And as such, you probably want to be decently dressed for the occasion. So if you want to wear something other than that one-size-fits-all squarish (and um, garish) ensemble you’ll be given by an L&D nurse, these maternity hospital gowns will keep you stylish while you deliver.

Don’t think for a second that you’re going to be stuck wearing the gown that they’ll give you in the hospital. As long as your own personal gown gives you and the medical staff access to your bump (for fetal monitoring), your back (for that blessed epidural... if you opt for it), and your chest (for immediate skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding following your baby’s birth), you’re good. Because let’s face it, things happen in hospital gowns. They might have a lot of previous wearers, and you’ll never really know what that freshly-washed gown has gone through before being bestowed upon you to give birth in. Did the patient prior have a hip replacement surgery, or did something more scary happen? And it’s not like a hospital gown is gorgeous or anything, so you might as well personalize your birth experience right from the very start with clothing that reflects your style. Plus, wearing your own personal hospital gown might make you feel empowered (and pretty) enough to push through labor — literally.

So when it comes to maternity hospital gowns, these 15 choices truly deliver.

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A Floral Hospital Gown

The Universal Labor and Delivery Gown from Kindred Bravely has Velcro closures that go up and down both the front and back of your gown so that your hiney never shows. The front allows for easy access for ultrasounds, fetal monitoring, and even C-section incision checks. It’s made from a super soft poly/cotton combo, which won’t irritate your (or baby’s) skin.


A Maternity Gown With A Matching Pillowcase

Hospital rooms are so… bland. Give yours some style when you wear this labor and delivery gown from Ginkana. Not only are the prints pretty, but the gown comes with its own matching pillowcase, too. Snaps in both the front and back make this an ideal gown to deliver in.


A Hospital Gown With Tie Closures

Sick of so many snaps? The My Bella Mama has a front slit with tie-up closures, in case your OB needs to check on your belly. There are a couple of snaps on the shoulder for instant skin-to-skin contact or if your OB orders an IV. Plus, you’ll feel pretty with all of the polka dot fabric designs.


A Beautiful Navy Blue Gown

Is it a day dress — or a gown to deliver your baby in? The Gownie Navy Blue 3 in 1 Labor & Delivery Gown is kind of both. Its empire waist allows medical professionals access to your belly while still keeping you stylish. After baby is born, you can pull down the elastic neckline for skin-to-skin contact or breastfeeding. And it’s made from 100% cotton, so you can easily wear it again outside after baby is born.


An Easy Breezy Hospital Gown

With tons of fabric options to choose from (think florals to solids and stripes), you can deliver your baby fashionably in the Baby Be Mine gown. A secret front panel gives you coverage but also offers access for medical exams. Snaps down the back ensure that you don’t give anyone an accidental peep show. It’s made from a cotton jersey knit that is stretchy and machine washable.


Runway Ready Hospital Gown

It just doesn’t get more gorgeous than this Little Adam and Eve labor and delivery gown. Available on Etsy, you can also opt for the robe, which can be opened during delivery or belly checks. And if you want your Mini Me to match you postpartum, you can opt for the robe and swaddle set.


A Moisture Wicking Hospital Gown

Let’s face it: there are a lot of bodily fluids splashing about during your delivery. The labor and delivery gown from Etsy seller MijaCulture has moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and (hopefully) as dry as possible. It’s designed with extra tummy room so that your bump doesn’t feel squished, and allows for breastfeeding and bonding, too.


A Cool Cotton Hospital Gown

Be gone, boxy hospital gowns. You can choose your own size in this labor and delivery gown, that has front panels and full back snaps to keep you and your bump covered. There are four fabric styles to choose from, including dots and pretty floral designs that will make meeting your baby an even more beautiful experience.


A Stylish (And Shirred) Hospital Gown

Giving birth to your baby should be a snap (hopefully) with this snappy 3-in-1 gown from Motherhood Maternity. It has a sleeveless surplice neck and an empire waist with shirring to give you some style for those times when you’re just walking the hallways waiting for those contractions to kick in. Shoulder snaps allow breastfeeding, and the gown covers you in all the right spots.


A Budget-Friendly Hospital Gown

At $24.99, the Ekouaer gown won’t break the bank while you’re giving birth. The gown, which comes in a wide variety of solids or stripes, is lightweight, which is what you want when you’re in the throes of labor. And since it won’t wrinkle as much, as say, cotton might, you’ll be sure to have a wrinkle-free post-delivery photo opp. Plus, the ¾ length sleeves will keep you warm if you get chilly in your room at night.


Super Stretchy Hospital Gown

Comfort is key with the Friday Mom Delivery and Nursing Gown. Stretchy jersey material allows the gown to move with you through every contraction, without feeling stiff or starchy like traditional hospital gowns do. And if the gown (with its full-length rear snaps and front, fold-down panels) doesn’t sell you, the pitch-perfect package design of a momma pushing definitely will.


A Totally Glam Hospital Gown

Your doula will do a double take when you show up to deliver in this fab labor and delivery gown. Designed by Pretty Pushers, the wrap closure dress has a vintage design and a zippered back (no snaps!). A hidden front panel gives way for a fetal monitor, while a stylish butterfly sleeve just makes the whole dress so pretty.


A Hospital Gown That Doubles As A Dinner Dress

Go from day to night (or from labor to delivery, in this case) with this super chic labor gown from Milk & Baby. With its short sleeves, and (woot) side pockets, you can wear this gown easily into and out of the hospital after your baby is born. The sides snap down for breastfeeding your baby, and snaps down the back give you access to an epidural.


A Gown That’s Right For Your Baby’s Birth

Sometimes, you just want to feel pretty while you’re pushing. You can get the job done beautifully with this Blush Labor Gown from Etsy seller PetalsandRomance. Not only can you select the shade (think champagne to dusty pink), but you can also have it monogrammed as well with your initials or your name. The satin robe has a lace crochet floral pattern, and a sash tie that can be opened during exams.


Simple Yet Chic Hospital Gown

Soft and comfy, Etsy seller BunPlusOven’s Mommy Labor and Delivery/Nursing Gown is everything you want when you’re cross-eyed during a contraction. It’s made from stretchy, crazy soft, breathable fabric that allows you to focus on delivering a healthy baby.

Listen, labor and delivery isn’t always easy. So wearing something that makes you feel good (and feels good on your skin) can help get you through the daunting task of delivery. That way, when you finally meet your baby for the first time, you’ll love how you feel — and look.

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