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A shot of three women smiling at a mother to be at her outdoor baby shower.
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How To Throw An Epic Outdoor Baby Shower

Because it’s too nice to have your sprinkle inside.

You’re planning your baby shower down to the tiniest detail. But if there are sunny skies forecasted, why not set up everything al fresco for an outdoor baby shower? Being outside can add an entirely new element to your party, making it even more memorable and magical. If you’re stumped on outdoor baby shower ideas, these tips can help.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with an indoor baby shower. You might opt for one if weather is a factor (after all, no one wants to be showering you in well wishes during a snowstorm), or if logistically it just makes sense to hold it in a venue or some other indoor area. Still, an outdoor baby shower is the perfect idea for soon-to-be mothers, Andrea Correale, an event planner and president of Elegant Affairs tells Romper. “Indoor baby showers can feel stuffy and boring, and the arrival of new life is not any of that,” says Correale. “If you are planning on throwing an outdoor baby shower, you will be astonished by how genial and memorable the event will be for not only your guests, but especially for the soon-to-be mother.”

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Outdoor Baby Shower Yard Sign

You’ve got all that grass — and nothing to do with it. So use this It’s A Boy yard sign. It comes with stakes so that you can lodge it into your lawn. Not only does it make your fiesta more festive, but it can help guests know where the shower is.


Outdoor Baby Shower Banner

You’re super excited to give your daughter a baby sister. This It’s A Girl Banner is almost 10 feet long, which would make it hard to fit into an apartment or a regular room. You can use it as a yard sign, or even hang it to your garage, since it comes with straps on each corner.


Outdoor Baby Shower Balloon Arches

When space isn’t a serious concern, you can break out this large size balloon arch kit. It extends to 9 feet high and 10 feet wide. The kit comes with two stands so that your balloons don’t accidentally bounce or blow away during your baby shower.


Outdoor Baby Shower Confetti Poppers

When you’re looking to add a little excitement to your outdoor soiree, you can pop some of these confetti poppers. They are full of confetti that can fly up to 25 feet in the air. (Just make sure that everyone aims for the sky, and not, you know, each other.) And since you’re outdoors, hopefully cleanup will be a breeze — literally.


Outdoor Baby Shower Balloons

Sure, a 36-inch balloon sounds sweet for your sprinkle, but not when it’s already a tight squeeze in your space. That’s what makes these balloons from Etsy seller HappyPartySupply so pretty — and perfect. Each jumbo pastel balloon is available with or without a ribbon tail, and can add some oomph to your baby shower.


Outdoor Baby Shower Floral Backdrop

Forget about flowers on the table. Turn your backyard into a floral bonanza with this flowery backdrop from Etsy seller Ohsopretty37. There are 16 flowers that measure 14 and 15 inches. But bear in mind that the petals are made from paper, so you’ll need to protect your backdrop in case of rain.


Outdoor Baby Shower Balloons

For a gender-neutral baby shower, you might love this Hello World balloon. You can batch them together with other balloons of your choosing, or simply inflate a few to float above your dessert table.


Outdoor Baby Shower Backdrop

You’re already outside, so it makes sense that your baby shower backdrop looks like you’re in nature. This leafy backdrop measures 7 x 5 feet, and is made from vinyl, so you can roll it up and easily store it. Place it behind your dessert table, or put some props out and use it as an impromptu photo booth.


Outdoor Baby Shower Personalized Candles

Of course, you can use these cute personalized candles as a fun baby shower gift. But you can also use it as a gender reveal, especially if you personalize it pink or blue. The candles are tea light in size, and have a light vanilla scent. The candles come in a pack of 24, so you’ll have plenty for guests — and some leftover for yourself, too.


Outdoor Baby Shower Tent

Just because you want your outdoor baby shower outside doesn’t mean you want it, well, outside. Your guests will soak up the shade when you host the party in this white heavy duty party tent. It measures 10’ x 30’ and comes with a sturdy steel frame and five removable walls. It’ll keep your friends and family nice and cool when you open up all those baby shower presents.


Outdoor Baby Shower Torches

When your baby sprinkle turns into an all-day (and night) shower, you’re going to need some extra illumination for your party animal guests. These solar torches can help light a path so no one trips, and they’re safe, since there aren’t any exposed flames to fear.


Outdoor Baby Shower Citronella Candles

Nothing can ruin an outdoor baby shower faster than bug bites. That’s why placing citronella pillar candles, like these from West Elm, on each table can help. Not only will they smell great (they’re made with essential oils), but they’ll also repel those pesky insects as well. Put a few of various sizes on the tables and it will set a beautiful scene for your shower — and bug-free, to boot.


Outdoor Baby Shower Personalized Water Bottles

Playing “Guess what’s in the diaper” game outside is definitely going to make your guests work up a thirst. Make sure that they stay hydrated with these personalized water bottles. The package comes with 50 labels that fit on 20” plastic water bottles which are (womp womp), not included. You personalize the bottles with up to four lines of text, so you can give guests something to read while they sip.


Outdoor Baby Shower Welcome Sign

This wooden baby shower sign can welcome your guests to your outdoor party. It can be personalized with the date of the event and anything else you’d like it to read. And the ½ inch thick sign is made from birch veneered plywood.


Outdoor Baby Shower Games

Turn your backyard into a potato sack race bonanza with these sturdy burlap bags. They’re made from tightly woven breathable natural fibers, so that they won’t break after just one round. Adults and kids alike (except for the momma of honor, of course) can get in on the game, which can be played like traditional potato sack racing.


Outdoor Baby Shower Invitation

You can set the stage for your outdoor soiree with this elegant and nature-inspired baby shower invitation. You can personalize the invite, along with selecting the size, shape, and even the envelope color.


Another Outdoor Baby Shower Game

Put your guests to work! With these baby shower prediction and advice cards, they’ll have to figure out who Baby will look like, the date and time of their birth, along with hair and eye color. There’s a section for well-wishes, too, making these cards a great keepsake for the future.

An outdoor baby shower has quite a few advantages over an indoor one. Not only do you get more space, but you can create a completely customized event that allows you to soak up being outside with friends and family. And that can make your shower sensational.