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9 Products For When You Can't Stop Leaking Pee During Pregnancy

It happens. And these stretchy undies and comfy pants can help.

There’s a lot of glamour during pregnancy — growing new life and all of that — but there is also... urinary incontinence is a thing. It happens. Urinary incontinence might happen more often later in pregnancy, and even in postpartum months. The great thing is, there are ways to deal with those times when you’re leaking pee or having greater amounts of discharge during pregnancy. And some of those ways are by wearing super cute, and really comfy outfits. Today there are stretchy undies and flexible, grow-with-you pants that can offer leakproof protection, so you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable or running to the bathroom for quick changes if you pee a little while you’re pregnant.

Perhaps more than ever before, there are available clothing options and reusable inserts that can offer protection and coverage for people experiencing menstruation or urinary leakage. If you’re tired of wearing panty liners, pads, or simply tired of worrying about potential stains or wet leaks, these pieces can give you some support. With moisture-wicking technologies and multiple layers of fabric for supreme absorption, these pants, shorts, and underwear are sure to find a spot in your wardrobe during pregnancy and beyond. And the price tags are pretty flexible, too; the pieces here range from around $25 to $75, and sales often put many of these on steep discounts. No matter your needs, whether they be for minor leaks or maximum absorption, you’re sure to find an item that’ll fit just right.

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Proof Maternity Leak-Resistant Undies

These soft maternity underwear (available in sizes from XS to XL) can be worn during your pregnancy, and well after, to safeguard against leaks and moisture. With layers of absorbent material, they can hold up to about a half teaspoon of liquid. The outside is made of nylon and Spandex, with inner lining layers created with cotton and a bit of Spandex. And while you can toss them into a washing machine that’s set to a cold, gentle cycle, they’ll need to air-dry to protect their moisture-wicking capabilities. They come in black and beige tones, and would make a great addition to your hospital-stay suitcase.

Knix Leakproof High Rise

This Knix high-rise style has a “medium” absorbency, which the website describes as being capable of holding three teaspoons of blood, sweat, or pee. That level might be perfect if you’re experiencing mild urinary incontinence or minor leakage. The lightweight design is mostly made up of nylon and Lycra; with a gusset lining of cotton, spandex, and carbon; and gusset comprised of layers of wicking polyester. There’s waterproofing built in to help keep liquid from seeping to outer clothing. From a visual standpoint, this style is exciting because there are six “core” colors from which to choose, and then multiple floral patterns to liven things up.

Thinx High Absorbency Underwear

So many sizes (from XXS to 4X), so many colors, and so many styles to choose from: Thinx underwear came to fame as a pair of underwear you could wear, wash, and wear again during your period. Designed in different styles and with varying absorbency, this heavy absorbency pair is said to hold “4 regular tampons” worth of liquid. The French Cut has a high cut atop each thigh, but the technology comes in other styles like hiphuggers, briefs and boyshorts. The fabric is made up mostly of polyamide and elastane. These can be machine-washed in a cold cycle, but best laid flat or hung up to dry for long-lasting durability.

JustnCase by Confitex

How cute are these lace briefs? With what the brand calls an “everyday absorbency,” the gusset can absorb about 25 ml. And not only does the brand’s technology work to keep the garment odor resistant and breathable, but it can even withstand a machine wash and dryer cycle (many leakproof undies do better with an air-dry). Just note: It’s recommended you wash and dry the underwear first, before an initial wear, to help “activate” the materials so they can absorb to their capacity. In sizes from S to 2XL, the black-colored briefs might become a daily staple. And if you love them, you might like to know that the brand makes “pee-proof” and “period-proof” underwear styles.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Period Panty

Victoria’s Secret, the mega lingerie, pajama, and beauty brand, now sells period panties in sizes ranging from XXS to XL. Available in three different styles, and three different absorbencies, you can choose from thong, hipster, and shortie cuts that are said to hold between 3.5 ml and 21 ml (described to equal volumes from a half of a regular tampon to three regular tampons). With wicking technology in the gusset and antimicrobial properties, these panties are designed to keep you dry and comfortable. And in typical Victoria’s Secret fashion, they come in an array of neutrals, fun colors, and prints.

The Period Co. Organic Cloth Pads

If you hate the feeling of a pad against your skin, but feel like you need more protection between you and your clothing, consider these reusable organic cloth pads from The Period Co. This starter kit comes with pairs of pads in three sizes and absorbencies, so you can customize what you’re wearing to suit the needs of the day. Made with layers of organic cotton, they snap in place around the gusset of your underwear and can be cleaned inside your washing machine. The kit has close to perfect reviews on the website, many of which rave about the comfort.

Adidas Techfit Period-Proof 3-inch Short Tights

This option, great as an undergarment or as a short, is partially made of recycled materials. It is designed with multiple layers to create a “pad” that’s embedded within to protect against leaks. The recycled polyester and elastane tights won’t slip or slide, but instead fit your body securely. They even come with a mesh pocket, perfect for toting around your smartphone. The high-rise shorts come in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. And the near-perfect collection of reviews on the website highlight the comfort of fit. There’s even a height and weight fit-finder on the website to help you determine which size will fit you best.

Ruby Love Period Leggings

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you no doubt get how key it is to have a comfy pair of leggings on hand at all times. These Period Leggings from Ruby Love are made with a liner that safeguards against leaks with dual layers of cotton and dri-tech mesh to absorb liquids. The pants, made of cotton and spandex, are cut to sit under your belly button. But maybe best of all is the range of sizes; you can score a pair in a juniors size, and cuts from XS to 3XL. Also worth considering? Ruby Lane’s similarly constructed Period Bodysuit for $29.99.

Kimi + Kai Maternity Cropped Leggings

These neutral-colored, wear-all-day-every-day pants (they’re currently only available in black) are designed for supreme comfort, with a waistband that can sit over a pregnant belly, and seams that are crafted to prevent friction. In sizes from small to XL, these pants come with a lining and gusset that wick away moisture so you don’t have to deal with the feeling of wetness from leaks. When it comes to maintenance, you can toss them into the washing machine, but you will need to keep them out of the dryer; let them air-dry to help keep the fabric performing at its best.

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