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9 Pillows To Make Pregnancy Sex More Comfortable & Enjoyable

Because discomfort can be a real mood killer.

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As you progress in pregnancy, it can feel like every physical movement becomes progressively more difficult and less comfortable, including intimacy. Using pillows for pregnancy sex is one way to get around this problem because they can help better position your body (and your belly) for a more enjoyable experience. It's worth a try, because, after a long day of trying to pick things up off the floor and getting kicked in the ribs, you deserve to get a little satisfaction.

During pregnancy, sex is generally considered to be safe "unless your provider has discussed with you to abstain", OB/GYN Lindsay Lewis, MD, explains to Romper in an email. While experiencing pain during sex is definitely something that should trigger you to stop and talk to your doctor about, general body discomfort is something that you can likely work around. Postpartum doula Ruth Gordon-Martin tells Romper, "Pregnancy is the perfect time to experiment with different positions" as positions that may have worked pre-pregnancy may no longer be enjoyable, "so to increase your comfort be open to trying things."

Using pillows to offer support or to take the pressure off parts of body has the potential to help make things more comfortable as you experiment with new positions. If you're one of the lucky ones who find pregnancy sex enjoyable on its own, then pillows may even help enhance your pleasure all the more. Here are some great options to consider bringing into the bedroom.

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The Pillo was thoughtfully designed to be a sex pillow that doesn't look like one (so you can have it sitting out in the open without its purpose being obvious). It has a removable cotton cover, a water-resistant liner, and a soft but firm foam filling. The Pillo is also designed with handles and is machine washable. The tallest point sits 7" high, allowing for support and comfort for a number of positions like missionary, spooning, from behind, and you on top. One note Gordon-Martin makes is that "If you’re late in your pregnancy, lying on your back is not recommended. The weight of the baby and of your partner can put pressure on your vena cava veins which can cause dizziness and/or speed up your heart rate."



Measuring 14 x 18 x 6, the Jaz is a smaller pillow that Liberator says could even be considered travel size. It has a machine-washable removable cover and a wedge design that is great for from-behind sex support and can help prop your partner up for easier you-on-top sex. If the pillow is great, but you need a little extra help physically, Dr. Lewis notes, "Lubrication is safe and may be used if needed" during pregnancy.


Boppy Wedge Pillow

This pillow has all kinds of uses in pregnancy, and while it's not technically marketed as a sex pillow it can certainly be used as one. You can use it to help you sit up a little during early-trimester missionary, as a spot to rest your elbows for sex from behind, as well as a number of other ways to make the experience a little more comfortable. It has a removable machine washable cover and a foam insert for extra comfort.


Snoogle Total Body Pillow

You might already have one of these pillows in your home since it's actually designed to support pregnancy sleep, but it can also be used for sex. One position Gordon-Martin recommends trying is "lying on your side." So, you can snuggle up on this pillow with it resting between your knees like you would if you were sleeping and take advantage of its support during spooning sex.


Lovers Cushion

This pillow is ergonomically designed to give you a little prop so you can sit up and lean back during sex for deeper penetration. It offers support to ease muscle tension and protection to your hips and tailbone, which is especially helpful during pregnancy. Since the most comfortable position "may vary by trimester," according to Dr. Lewis, this pillow may be more enjoyable in the first and second trimesters before your belly gets too big.


Orthopedic Knee Pillow

Admittedly, the term "orthopedic" doesn't exactly scream "sexy," but this pillow is great for keeping your spine and hips aligned when you lay on your side, which means you won't be distracted from spoon sex by radiating hip, back, or sciatica pain. It has a machine washable cover that's super soft, memory foam filling for a perfect fit, and it can be used for sex or sleep during pregnancy and beyond.


Original Wedge Pillow

The Wedge is one of the more popular sex pillows whether you're pregnant or not, so it's sure to enhance your enjoyment, but it also happens to have a great design for support. You can use it to rest your elbows on for from-behind sex, prop your belly up during spooning sex, or lift your partner's pelvis to make it easier for you when you're on top. It has a firm but comfortable foam insert filling, a removable machine washable cover with a moisture-wicking liner, and it can be used in totally new ways after the baby is born.


Contoured Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow is good for your neck while you sleep, but is also great for supporting your belly or back during pregnancy sex. It's memory foam so it will mold to your body as needed, so if you prop it under your belly or put it between your knees it will shape and alleviate pressure in the right spots. Since it's such a squishy pillow, it'll be best for side-lying spooning sex.


Pancake Pillow

You get to totally tailor this pillow to your needs, adding and removing layers as needed for support in any number of positions. It's a standard queen (or king) size pillowcase that is filled with six removable slim pillows. The pillowcase itself is zippered and machine washable, and each of the filler pillows is hypoallergenic with down alternative microfiber fill.

Giving yourself and your bump a little extra support during intimacy can make a big difference in your experience, and any of these pillows are a great way to get that. However, both Gordon-Martin and Dr. Lewis stress the importance of keeping an open line of communication about your sex life with your healthcare provider during pregnancy. Feeling generally uncomfortable is to be expected during pregnancy, but if something doesn't feel or seem right, stop and abstain until you can meet with your provider.

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