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If You’re Having A Schitt’s Creek Baby Shower, You Need These Decorations

Now this is how you celebrate a bébé.

So you want to throw a Schitt’s Creek-themed baby shower? First of all, love that journey for you. Whether you’re looking for tips to send the friends and family planning your shower, or you’re trying to put together the perfect party to celebrate a loved one, you’ll have plenty to work with by using a Schitt’s Creek theme.

For starters, if you’ve never seen a second of this comedy series, here’s a little primer: a wealthy family loses their fortune and the parents, Johnny and Moira Rose, along with their two adult children, David and Alexis, move to a small town (Schitt’s Creek) and into a motel while figuring out life without riches. The show’s title sequence and promo materials usually include black, white, and yellow, so go ahead and borrow that color palette for your event.

If you want to draw some food inspiration from the show to add to your baby shower snack spread, you may need to watch a few episodes (or at least some snippets on YouTube), but suffice to say that enchiladas, quiche, fruit wine, and a cheese sampler would all be on-theme choices. And finally, as with any shower, the decorations, invitations, and little touches are what will really bring a Schitt’s Creek baby shower to life.

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Schitt’s Creek Shower Invites

Invitations are everyone’s first peek at your theme, so make a statement with these hilarious “Oh Schitt!” invites with cute little baby details. Unlike some downloadable files you can buy on Etsy and print yourself, this seller will make the edits and personalization for you and send you a proof to double check before you get the file to print. So, if you’re not comfortable with doing those edits yourself, this is a great option. The listing has tons of five-star reviews from happy purchasers, so you’ll definitely be happy with them once you see them printed and ready to mail.


Silhouette Party Cups

Whether your guests are sipping Moira’s favorite fruit wine (aka sangria, but don’t tell her that), water, or a little mocktail, these cups will do the job. Each one features a main character’s most iconic look (like David’s eyebrow rise, for instance). For $21.25 you get 20 cups, but you can order them in larger and smaller quantities and add the black and white straws to match if you’re so inclined.

If you need food or drink recipes inspired by the show but don’t want to binge an entire series while also trying to plan a baby shower, there are some affordable Schitt’s Creek cookbooks out there that can help with this.


Bold Balloons

Wanting some on-theme balloons to set beside tables or doorways, to festoon the floor, or add to a DIY balloon arch? The price listed here is for six balloons, but you can order much larger quantities and even specify if you just want some of the colors or designs when buying from this Etsy seller. So, if you’re going for exclusively Rose Apothecary vibes and not so much the lightning bolt sweater aesthetic, just know you can pick and choose from the options shown. The good thing is, even if you go for the assortment, they’ll all impress the guest of honor and No. 1 Schitt’s Creek fan.


“Best Wishes” Advice Cards

When I had my baby shower, I specifically requested we not play any games. I don’t know why, but baby shower games are just never enjoyable for me, and if somebody asked me to identify what green baby food they’d dumped into a diaper, they would’ve felt my pregnant wrath. What I did want, and what gave my guests a fun activity to do at their leisure, was some little advice cards they could use to impart some wisdom.

These ones are made by the same designer as the invitations, so if you opt for both your paper goods will all match perfectly. The “Best Wishes, Warmest Regards” header comes straight from the show, and the advice loved ones will leave is sure to come straight from the heart.


Chapstick Party Favors

After Johnny and Moira Rose lose their fortune and wind up in Schitt’s Creek, they pivot and open Rose Apothecary, which is basically a general store where they sell local goods (anything from lotions and shampoos to toilet plungers). In David’s words, “It’s a general store, but it’s also a very specific store,” and is more than just a store, but more like a “branded immersive experience.”

All of that to say that if you were to give out goods from Rose Apothecary as party favors, well, that would be pretty great. These chapsticks come in all kinds of scents and designs inspired by the show, but the Rose Apothecary one would definitely be a top choice.


Rose Apothecary Mini Candle Favors

If you want to give slightly larger favors, or create little bundles that appear to have been hand selected from the very shelves of the one and only Rose Apothecary, these candles will do the trick nicely. Each candle is $7, which includes getting to personalize it with the guest’s name and choosing a scent. You could either pick one for each person you know they’ll love, or opt for something like the coffee house aroma since Rose Apothecary does sell coffee and drinks. But they’re not a coffee shop. Or a store. It’s an experience, just like this shower will be.


An On-Theme Party Game

If you’re going to be printing invites or advice cards anyway, be sure to shop around for Schitt’s Creek party games you can download and print while you’re at it. This one from Etsy seller CompassionFruitCo comes with all the game cards and instructions, but in short, players get five seconds to name off three things in whatever category is selected for them. Each category is somehow inspired by the show, so avid watchers will enjoy this the most. If you want some on-theme prizes to give to game winners, consider some cute notepads, coasters, or a hilarious Moira prayer candle.


The Perfect Photobooth Props

Every baby shower needs a cute photo booth, and they’re an especially fun way to occupy guests for a bit of your mom-to-be isn’t into baby shower games. OK, yes, we love a printable product because they’re just so dang affordable! This bundle of photo booth props includes tons of hilarious quotes from the show’s most beloved characters, and some iconic items as well. All of this product’s reviews are five stars, so the quality should be great and the reviews make it sound like they’re not difficult to get printed at all. Once they’re ready, just glue them onto sticks of your choosing and pop them into a tall jar or vase at the shower.


Gold, Glittery Cupcake Toppers

Wanting to do cupcakes, mini donuts, or other bite-sized desserts for your shower? These miniature toppers are the perfect way to celebrate Mommy and bébé on the sweets table. Honestly, they’d also be great for sandwich picks or holding together pinwheels. You get 12 for the price of $12.50, and each topper is made of high-quality cardstock (no drooping or flopping here) and a bamboo pick.

Side note: if you need a quick explainer on the bébé references in these decoration options, Moira says baby in the bougie-est way possible, whether she’s referring to her adult daughter, her beloved wigs, or an actual baby.


Creek-Themed Confetti

While we’re firmly in bébé territory here, let’s go ahead and talk confetti. This confetti option keeps to the classic Schitt’s Creek color palette of black, white, and yellow or gold, and features Moira’s signature baby reference on the larger pieces. The Etsy seller says each confetti purchase comes with approximately 200 pieces, including the colorful confetti circles and the bébé pieces, so plan accordingly when you select how many packets you want to buy. This would make a super easy way to incorporate the theme onto any food or gift tables, around drink dispensers, or, you know, literally anywhere you decide to toss it. We love a low effort, high impact decoration.


The Cutest Cake Topper

If you’re opting for a full-sized cake over the cupcake option, fear not: there’s an equally gold and glittery cake topper to turn even the plainest cake into something worthy of the Rose family. You can order this “Welcome Bébé” cake topper in any size ranging from 4 inches to 9 inches to fit your cake. It’s also available in just about any color of the rainbow, though the gold or black glitter options would be the most fitting for a Schitt’s Creek baby shower theme. It’s printed on strong cardstock and attached to a lollipop stick, so it arrives ready to pop into your cake and display.


The Matching Wall Banner

If you need a wall banner to use as décor or to add a pop to a photo booth backdrop, this one is perfect. The banner comes with the letters and string included, but not assembled for the listed price, but for a few extra dollars, you can opt to have it shipped to you already strung together so you can pull it out of the envelope ready to hang. The banner has all five-star reviews, so you should definitely be happy with it once it arrives, and the baby shower honoree is basically guaranteed to love it. They may even put it in their nursery later.


An Alternate Invite

If you’re going to throw a more relaxed baby shower, maybe one that’s co-ed, this invitation might be more up your alley than the first. It’s in keeping with that signature color palette from the show, references the good old bébé episode, and is an overall aesthetically pleasing option. While the $8 price point buys you the digital download to edit and print on your own, this Etsy seller can also edit and print the number of invites you need and ship them, along with envelopes, right to your door. So, if “I won’t be doing any of that” comes to mind when thinking about editing and printing solo, no worries with this invite.