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A couple holding hands during a water birth delivery, in a story about water birth videos.
12 Water Birth Vlogs That Capture Every Kind Of Experience

Here’s how they happen at home, a hospital, and a birth center.

There are so many ways to give birth these days, and countless options to make the whole experience feel just like you want (you know, as long as your baby doesn’t pull any surprises). If your birth plan involves laboring in water, or having a full-on water birth, you should definitely watch some water birth videos leading up to your big day. Seeing how other parents set up their tubs, work together through contractions, and welcome their little ones can help answer questions you don’t even know you have yet.

There’s nothing like a steaming hot shower to soothe achey muscles, so it makes sense why a tub of warm water is soothing during labor. Water births can take place at home, in a special birthing tub you set up just for the occasion, or in the bathtub you use every day. And now, more birth centers and hospitals are adding tubs you can labor and deliver in, too. If you’re lucky enough to live close to some of those centers, it gives you more options for where and how you have a water birth. That said, it can raise other questions too, and make it harder to choose. So, that’s where watching all the water birth videos online comes in.


A straightforward water birth at home

This couple chose to have their baby in the comfort of their home using the bathtub that’s built right in. Watch Mom as she labors through with her partner’s support, and see how the midwife helps through the actual delivery process, too.


A hospital water birth video

If you’re wondering what hospital water births entail, these parents vlogged their experience about just that. She goes through early labor at home and then overnight at the hospital, and the nurses start prepping the birth tub once she reaches 8 centimeters dilated. And then, they meet their sweet new baby!


An at-home water birth video with older kids

This is the perfect water birth video to watch if you’re thinking of setting up a birthing tub somewhere in your home (you get plenty of good looks at how this family set up their living room for the whole experience). They also involved their two older children, if you’re looking for inspo on ways to engage your own kids in the birth of their sibling.


An emotional water birth at home in the bathtub

OK, first of all, this mom’s reaction when she meets her baby is incredibly sweet. This couple opted for a home water birth in their bathroom tub with the help of a midwife. You get to see them go through the whole process, including that really emotional part of labor where Mom feels like she just can’t keep going, but of course, she does.


A birth center water birth vlog

Not quite hospital and not quite home, birth centers tend to look and feel less medical, but they’re also not your house. If you’re considering a birth center water birth, here’s a peek at one family’s experience. One note: this mom labored in the tub but gave birth in the bathroom, but you still get to see the tub setup and see it in use.


A VBAC water birth vlog

Are you considering a water birth for your VBAC? This mom has a happy, healthy, adorable baby in a birth center with the support of her husband, doula, and midwives.


An unplanned water birth in the hospital

This mom was 42 weeks pregnant when she gave birth. She labors a bit at home and some in the hospital, using a TENS machine for pain management. She didn’t plan to even use the tub, let alone give birth in it, but it ends up being the place where she meets her newborn baby.


Another home water birth using the bathtub

This couple labors at home, taking walks and giving lots of supportive back massages. When the midwife arrives, Mom gives birth like an absolute champ in their bathtub. They also didn’t know their baby’s gender, which makes for a sweet surprise.


A hospital water birth vlog

This mom has her water birth in a hospital with special birthing tubs, so if you’re wondering what they look like or how things run in a more medical setting, her video might answer some questions. She chats in a calm, positive way about her whole experience, from the membrane sweep to the hospital food after delivering.


A water birth in a small space

Not everyone has a ton of space at home. This couple’s birthing tub pretty much occupies their whole living room, so if you want to see how water birth in an apartment or small living area will go, here’s a peek.


An outdoor water birth video

This mom of five set up her birthing tub on what looks to be a back deck, and she might be on to something. If you’re soothed by being outside (and you live somewhere with enough privacy to pull it off), you might consider doing the same.


A water birth vlog where things go awry

This mom planned an unmedicated water birth at home, but after 95 hours of labor, it turned into an emergency C-section under anesthesia. She calmly talks through her birth story and how things went down, and the positive parts of her experience, like her baby still having skin-to-skin right after birth and her wonderful nurses.

However you want your water birth to go, and wherever you want it to be, watching some vlogs and videos ahead of time can help demystify the whole experience for you.