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Pregnant woman outside in the snow
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The Dreamiest Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Ideas Are Here

Snowflakes & hot cocoa, anyone?

Winter tends to get a bad reputation, simply because the months are cold, but with the chilly weather also comes so much beauty. If you’re hosting a shower for a mama-to-be this winter, use the season as inspiration to come up with some winter wonderland baby shower ideas. It’s a unique theme that has so much potential thanks to the snow, ice, and beautiful colors that come along with the season.

As a baby shower host, you’re tasked with a lot, including invitations, decor, activity planning, food, and dessert, and making sure guests go home with a fun little keepsake from the party. So, if you find yourself stressing out a bit over finding winter wonderland baby shower ideas, relax because I have you covered. Whether you need games to play, party favors, or a place to buy a cake, you’ll find it below.

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Invitations

Once you’ve settled on your winter wonderland theme, you’ll need to find some invitations that reflect the vibe you’re going for so that you can give your guests an idea of what to expect. Do you want to do something with a lot of snowflakes and sparkles, woodland animals and pine trees, or something in between? Whatever it is, your invite should reflect how the shower will look in person, whether it’s super classy, kid-friendly, or what you imagine the inside of Elsa’s ice palace looks like.

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Snowy Decorations For A Winter Wonderland Baby Shower

What’s great about a winter wonderland theme is that if you know the baby’s gender and want to play it up, it’s really easy to lean pink or blue (especially blue) with the help of some iridescent and/or sparkly snowflakes. Some winter wonderland baby shower decoration ideas include garlands, shimmery backdrops, sparkly straws, and snowflake balloons.

Fun Winter Baby Shower Games & Activities

One of the harder winter wonderland baby shower ideas to come up with has to be games and activities because it’s not always obvious how to put a winter twist on a regular game. It can be done, though. Here are a few games and activities your guests may enjoy:

  • Fill a baby bottle up with mini marshmallows and have guests guess how many are in it, and whoever’s guess is closest wins
  • Have attendees decorate baby hats instead of baby onesies
  • Get a baby doll and lots of layers of clothing and see who can get it dressed up the fastest
  • Play “The Price Is Right” for wintertime baby products like mittens, nose saline spray, fleece sleep sacks, etc.

Consider also setting up a coffee and hot chocolate bar so that attendees can create the hot beverage of their dreams, and have a fire going to really bring in the wintery vibe (if it’ll make the space too hot, or if you don’t have a fireplace, opt for streaming a pretend fire on the TV instead).

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Cake & Dessert Ideas

While the guest of honor gets piles of presents at her baby shower, the guests get the opportunity to indulge in some delicious dessert. If you’re going with a cake, you can keep it simple with some blue and white frosting and a cute cake topper, or go bigger with something designed to look like a snowman or another wintery object (a local baker would be happy to talk through ideas with you). Since cake can be messy and hard to eat, though, consider going smaller with winter wonderland themed cupcakes, cake pops, or cakesicles instead.

Favors For A Winter Baby Shower

As a way to thank all of the guests for taking time out of their day to celebrate the mom-to-be, it’s always nice to send them home with a party favor. Sticking with the winter theme, consider some snowflake-shaped bath bombs or shower steamers, individual hot cocoa mixes, or coffee mugs that say “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

Once you have a good sense of what you want the event to look like, it gets a lot easier to come up with all kinds of fun winter wonderland baby shower ideas. Still, if you find yourself stuck and in need of some inspiration, just look outside at all of the sparkly snow and ask yourself, “what would Elsa do?”