Alisha Miranda

Alisha Fernandez Miranda is a Miami-born, Scotland-based writer, entrepreneur and ex-CEO. Her coming-of-middle age story, The 40-Year-Old Intern, will be published by Zibby Books in 2023. Follow her adventures @40yointern on Instagram.

When she’s not interning or in the middle of yet another lockdown, Alisha loves to travel, watch Gilmore Girls, be served coffee in bed by her adoring/long-suffering husband, and hide from her 10-year old twins when they want to play Twister. Her writing has been featured in publications including Business Insider, Moms Don’t Have Time to Write, The Good Trade, Huffington Post and Waterproof, an anthology of essays about Miami and climate change.

Alisha Miranda

Real Stories

by Alisha Miranda

I Wish I Didn't Have To Keep Telling You About My Abortion

I am so tired of arguing for our own humanity and politicizing our pain.