Andrew Rich

Andrew Rich (they/he) is a full-spectrum doula, healthcare worker, lactation professional, and parent in Louisville, KY. He is the proud baba of Omega (they/them, for now), and enjoys parenting gender expansively while on his own gender journey. Andrew is also a writer and educator, and is always glad to find and share good words. They co-founded Awkward Birth Co. with their spouse, Astrid Marigold (they/she), to provide pregnancy, birth, infant sleep, and physical movement support in Kentucky and beyond.
Andrew Rich


Am I A Dad Yet? Do I Even Want To Be?

I am who I say I am. A (complicated, non-binary) dad (and baba).

Our Pandemic Year

Transitioning As A Parent During The Pandemic

"I became Andrew August Rich on Feb. 9, 2021."