Brittany Bright

Hi, I'm Brittany Bright! The 20-something mom boss behind BeBright Daily. BeBright Daily is the ultimate hub for the millennial mom and business babe. I talk about mom life, work life, and everything in between. I graduated from the University of Mississippi with my BBA in marketing and corporate relations, and I work for a full-service advertising agency. I also do freelance work for individuals and small businesses. But, that is not my only accomplishment. My greatest accomplishment is being a mother to my sweet little toddler, Jaxon. When I'm not with Jax, you can find me wheelin' and dealin' on my iPhone. I love steak, cheesecake, wine, Beyonce, anything rose gold and reading. I'm Mississippi Gulf Coast raised and paid, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Follow me on my post-grad, new mom journey because if I don't do anything else, I'll be sure to keep it real!


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