Issa M. Mas

Issa M. Mas is an author, essayist, and the voice behind the now-defunct, award-winning single motherhood blog, Single Mama NYC. You can find her essays in TueNight, Romper, Raising Mothers, and Loud Coffee Press among other literary publications, and you can find her book, Grief Thoughts: Brief Anecdotes On Profound Loss, at most major booksellers.

Issa lives in New York City with her 14-year-old son, Theodore, and their dog, Jake. As a 20-year practicing Buddhist she brings a wealth of wisdom and loving kindness to the lives of others, but as an over 40-year native New Yorker her prolific use of profanity will never end. You can find her sporadically posted thoughts at, and connect with her on Twitter at @IssaMas, on Facebook at, or on Instagram at @GriefThoughtsBook.

Issa M. Mas


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