Karen Sosnoski

Karen Sosnoski is a mother, writer, and documentary filmmaker, who has recently finished a literary novel, In Rosemary’s Shadows, inspired by the grotesque wood-engraver Rosemary Feit Covey's art. Her writing across genres explores what happens when people face their limitations through disability, illness, sports, or other intense encounters (such as art) and has appeared in Argot Magazine, Abundant Grave Anthology, the LA Times[latimes.com], Poets and Writers, Word Riot, Grappling, Bitch, Radioactive Moat, decomp, Identity Theory, Chaffee Review, Yellow Mama, PsychologyToday.com[PsychologyToday.com], Camroc Review and on Studio 360, This American Life [thisamericanlife.org]and Boundoff. Berkeley Media distributes her documentary film, “Wedding Advice: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace.” twitter: karensosnoski@karensosnoski; www.linkedin.com/pub/karen-sosnoski/17/423/137/[linkedin.com]