Katie Garrity

Katie is an Editor for Scary Mommy, covering news stories on parenting, celebrity, and viral internet moments. Since joining BDG, she’s become one of the site’s top writers with original scoops and viral articles, showcasing everyday parents sharing the messy reality of life. Several underground scoops uncovered by Katie have later made the rounds on several major media outlets including Today and CNN.

She has freelanced for over 12 years, writing news content for several outlets including Distractify and Cuteness. Her essays have been featured in Thought Catalog and Clean Plates. During her writing career, she has had several stories featured on TMZ and The Huffington Post.

Katie has a degree in English with a minor in Writing from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. She is Google Analytics and Google Adwords certified and spent eight years as a Social Media Manager for a major automotive marketing agency.

In her free time, she’s hanging with her 3-year-old daughter and husband, planning their next family trip, and watching restocking videos on TikTok. Katie is a total Swiftie. Her favorite Taylor Swift album is ‘Evermore,’ but she’s currently in her Reputation era.

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Katie Garrity