Minna Dubin

Minna Dubin is a writer, artist, and speaker in the Bay Area. She writes about identity and motherhood. Minna’s writing has been published in The New York Times, Parents, the Forward, the Philadelphia Inquirer, SF Weekly, and various literary magazines and anthologies. She has been a guest on Good Morning America, MSNBC, and NPR. Her chapbook “Position: Mom (The Fine Print)” was a finalist for Tolsun Books, a semifinalist for Gazing Grain, and was shortlisted for the Disquiet Literary Prize. Minna is currently working on a book about “mom rage.” When not chasing her children in circles around the dining room table, Minna is eating chocolate in the bathroom while texting. You can see what she’s up to on her website: www.minnadubin.com, and follow her on Instagram @momlists, Twitter @minnadubin.


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