Melissa-Marie Marks

Missy Marks loves eating fruit, traveling the world, and telling stories. Sometimes she writes about stuff that's hard to write about. She is incredibly grateful to be called Mama by two gorgeous miniature humans. Life is pretty darn good.
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I’m Still Nursing My 2-Year-Old, & Here Is What That Looks Like

2:30 a.m.: I climbed out from underneath my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, who must be touching me at all times, so that I could literally tip-toe to the bathroom to pee as silently as possible. It didn’t work. As I pointed my toes in preparation …
By Melissa-Marie Marks

I Freebirthed In Costa Rica, & (Barely) Lived To Tell The Tale

Did you know that there is a secret society of prepper parents who move to Costa Rica to birth a baby, in a sort of pre-apocalyptic first-strike? For many of these parents, their reasons are political — Costa Rica has no military and states proudly t…
By Melissa-Marie Marks