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16 Of The Coolest Sunnies With Colorful Lenses

An instant dopamine hit.

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Color-tinted lenses are in no way a new concept, but it’s evident that more brands and people are embracing this accessories trend, even going beyond the classic yellow, blue, amber, and pink hues — now, green, and purple are available too. It seems that everyone from luxury design houses to affordable chain retailers have at least one pair of rose- or yellow-tinted glasses in their current lineup, so you should be able to find a color and frame shape that suits your style and budget.

Why wear color-tinted lenses? The benefits

People wear color-tinted lenses for two main reasons: style and function. For many, wearing a pair of eclectic glasses or sunglasses in an unexpected color is a way for them to express their own personal style. For others, their career or eye health is what drives them to wear colored lenses. Each hue (blue and pink, for example) can enhance certain colors and shadows (which gives you an advantage if your job requires you to have a creative eye), just making everything a little more beautiful, sometimes even stunning. (I have a pair of sunglasses with bluish-green-tinted lenses that make the sky look extra blue and many other colors just a little more saturated.)

And then there are those who wear tinted lenses regularly to diffuse light, which puts less strain on the eyes and makes them feel more comfortable day-to-day.

Once you give a pair of tinted glasses a test drive, you’ll soon notice the benefits: They can diffuse harsh lights making your eyes feel a little more comfortable, and they’re a low-stakes accessory to amp up your personal style, and can make everything look a little more visually interesting. An accidental bonus: when concealer is just not happening for whatever reason, a pair of tinted glasses can help hide the baggage you’re carrying around under your eyes.

Keep scrolling if you’re in the market for glasses or sunglasses with colorful lenses in pink, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple, ranging from $10-$480.

Sunglasses with rose-colored lenses

Sunglasses with blue lenses

Sunglasses with yellow lenses

Sunglasses with purple lenses

Sunglasses with orange lenses

Sunglasses with green lenses

Pink, blue, orange, yellow, purple green... any of these stunning sunnies can lift your mood, look, and pov. Everything might not be coming up roses in real life, but who says you can’t pretend?