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The Loungefly x Barbie Collection Is Going To Make You Even More Of A Barbie Girl Than You Thought Possible

You are not prepared for the hologram backpack.

Loungefly is known for its iconic bags featuring your favorite characters and fandoms, but I don’t know if anything can top the new Loungefly x Barbie collab. You guys all thought we reached peak Barbie during Summer 2023, but oh how wrong you were. If you thought you were a Barbie Girl before, just wait — Romper can exclusively reveal the brand new Loungefly x Barbie collection and it is every bit the pink dream you’re imagining. You’re going to need your own Dreamhouse to hold it all.

And we aren’t just talking Loungefly Mini Backpacks (although those are also here and so good, you’ll weep) and we aren’t just talking about the Barbie logo slapped onto a few things. Y’all already know how Loungefly does it, and the pieces in this Loungefly x Barbie line are absolutely incredible. Lots of your favorite retro Barbies are included, that perfect ‘90s Barbie pink, and it all comes together in accessories like a journal, Barbie box-shaped bags, and even a retro bomber jacket.

So clear out some space in your wardrobe (if only we had one like Barbie does) and get ready for all of the must-have pieces of the Loungefly x Barbie collection. (Spoiler: all of them are must-have pieces.)

I have to start with the absolutely mind-blowing Loungefly Barbie Doll Box Triple Lenticular Mini Backpack. You guys. Swoon. Shaped like a Barbie box, it has everything you love about the Loungefly Mini Backpacks, but the front is a lenticular print, which means depending on which way you look at it, you’re seeing a different Barbie. It’s so cool, and the Barbies themselves are the retro, vintage Barbies of your dreams. It retails for $80 and is just such a show-stopper. Like, any Barbie fan would be delighted to carry this around.


In addition to the Loungefly Barbie Doll Box Triple Lenticular Mini Backpack, there’s an accordion wallet version retailing for $40 with the same Barbies appearing on the front depending on how you look at it. If you want a more classic Barbie feel, the collection also includes a Loungefly Barbie 65th Anniversary Crossbody Bag ($70) featuring a car-shaped coin purse and vintage Barbie logo, as well as a Loungefly Barbie 65th Anniversary Sequin Logo Mini Backpack ($90) and Loungefly Barbie Mini Backpack Pencil Case ($25). All of these are just as gorgeous as you’re imagining in your head.


In addition to all of these incredible bags are some super fun accessories, like a Barbie Box-inspired journal and of course that retro bomber jacket I mentioned before. The Loungefly Barbie Bomber Jacket is so perfectly vintage and bright, and would look great over a fun dress or just jeans and a tank. I’m 100% obsessed. It comes in sizes small through 3X and retails for $80.


One of the things I love about Barbie is no matter how many new things come out for the brand, the roots are strong in the retro vibes. Barbie was innovative even back in 1959, so it makes sense that any collection featuring her will feel a deep pull to all of her original versions. As she’s evolved, she’s stayed true to being a massive icon, especially for inclusivity. I love that Loungefly really pushed on that part of Barbie’s legacy and went above and beyond pretty pink items and created the Loungefly x Barbie collection to remind us why we are all Barbie Girls forever.

You can shop all of these pieces and more (including some fun magnetic doll pins) now.