Super Smalls Nails It With Their Disney Princess Jewelry Collection

Seriously, where was this when I was a child?

Over the years, we’ve watched Super Smalls grow their children’s accessories brand from a handful of colorful jewelry pieces to a more comprehensive lineup of shoes, sunnies, nail art kits, and more. Everything is colorful, sparkly, and screams fun, and their collaboration with Disney is one of their most exciting launches to date. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of The Walt Disney Company, they’ve created a collection of Disney Princess-themed jewelry inspired by some of Disney’s most iconic heroines.

I mean, there is nothing novel about Disney-themed dress-up jewelry for kids, but no one’s making children’s accessories quite like Super Smalls. Maria Dueñas Jacobs, a former accessories editor at some of the biggest fashion magazines, launched the company with the intention of creating jewelry that looks as impressive and captivating as the baubles and bangles photographed in magazines and on the red carpet, but for kids. At the time (and probably still), her three young daughters were always digging through her personal collection, which is sweet in theory, but stressful in reality considering how much those pieces actually cost. So she found a way to create jewelry for a young maximalist, with a friendly price tag.

Each item from the officially-licensed Disney line retails for $45 and is made of mixed base metals, imitation gemstones, and enamel. There are five necklaces in the collection, showcasing a wide-range of characters and aesthetics, as well as two accessory sets that include a variety of small items like rings, bracelets, and earrings.

The Frozen-themed items, which include a Elsa necklace with spinning snowflake pendant and boxed set of earrings, rings, and bracelets, are inspired by, what else but snow and ice.


Shell is the core motif of the collection inspired by The Little Mermaid’s Ariel. The necklace has an adorable conch-shaped pendant, seashell lockets, and various charms on a pearl chain. The accessories box includes a set of seashell earrings and assorted ocean-themed rings.


The Mulan necklace features a generously-sized spinning pendant with a gold dragon on a red backdrop on one side (to represent determination) and a white lotus on pink backdrop on the other (to represent inner strength).


The Snow White choker has an apple-shaped pendant on a blue velvet and chain strap. Guess what’s on the back of the apple? A tiny mirror.

And finally, there’s the Moana necklace. The fabric strap has delicate pearls artfully woven in, and the blue locket opens to reveal a green stone that actually glows in the dark, just like Te Fiti’s actual heart in the movie.

If the success of their dress-up heels is any indication, these are bound to sell out well before the holidays, so get your hands on them asap and stash them away until the gift-giving season.