Accidents & Safety

Capturing the scene underwater at the swimming pool.
Water Safety

The AAP Says Kids Should Start Swim Lessons At 1 To Minimize Drowning Risk

by Katie McPherson

Learning to flip and float is a lifesaving skill.

A recalled Make It Mini Food sets
Recall Alert

21 Million Miniverse Make It Mini Sets Have Been Recalled

by Kaitlin Kimont

Here’s what parents need to know.

little girl by the side of an outdoor swimming pool, dipping her toes in the water.

Drowning Deaths Among Kids In The U.S. Are Rising For The First Time In Years

by Jen McGuire

The CDC reports that 40 million Americans don’t know how to swim and stresses the importance of making swim lessons accessible to everyone.

Water Safety

If You’ve Ever Bought A Kids’ Life Jacket On Amazon, You Need To See This Tik Tok

by Katie McPherson

Excuse me, does that say “will not protect against drowning”?


Moms Are Loving How Paris Hilton Responded To Heated Backlash Over A Car Seat TikTok

by Jamie Kenney

Baby safety? That’s hot.

Baby sleeping in a safe crib

There's A New Lawsuit Involving Weighted Sleep Sacks & Here's What Parents Need To Know

by Katie McPherson

Dreamland Baby announced plans to sue the U.S. CPSC over the agency’s alleged “illegal efforts” to ban the sale of weighted sleep sacks.

Mother putting baby to sleep in crib in a sleep sack. Amazon now bans the sale of weighted sleep sac...
Safe Sleep

Amazon Bans The Sale Of Weighted Sleep Sacks Amid Infant Safety Concerns

by Katie McPherson

They’re urging customers to discontinue use immediately.

PONTIAC, MICHIGAN - APRIL 9: Jennifer Crumbley looks at her husband James Crumbley during their sent...

Parents Of School Shooter Ethan Crumbley Sentenced To 10 To 15 Years In Prison

by Jamie Kenney

“These convictions are not about poor parenting. They concern acts that could have halted a runaway train.”

A photo of water beads sold via Amazon.

Amazon Is Issuing Refunds On Water Beads After The CPSC Warned They’re Toxic

by Kaitlin Kimont

The toys not only pose a choking and obstruction hazard, they also contain dangerous levels of a known carcinogen, according to the CPSC.

Posteroanterior normal lung  graphy on a negatoscope.(Female)

Mom Claims Daughter's Easy Bake Oven Sent Her Entire Family To The ER In Viral TikTok

by Jamie Kenney

“As a mom, if someone had a really negative experience with a toy that I have in my house that my child uses on a regular basis I would want to know about it.”