Should We Tell Our Kid About Their Autism Diagnosis?

by Sarah Wheeler

I cannot tell you how many children and teens I know whose self-confidence rises once they get a diagnosis.

a dad and daughter working through stuff after working with a parent coach

Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Hire A Parenting Coach

by Miranda Rake

Many parents are turning to them for guidance, but it comes with a steep price tag and few guarantees.

Mother and daughter having fun drawing with coloured pencils in a bedroom, lying down on a bed.

7 Moms On What They Wish They'd Known Sooner About Their Child's ADHD

by Miranda Rake

Advice from the heart, from parents who have been there.


Does My Kid Really Have ADHD Or Is This Just What We’re All Like Now?

by Sarah Wheeler

ADHD is both underdiagnosed and overdiagnosed. It's misdiagnosed and missed altogether.

Young girl holding rainbow colored gum balls.

People Are Obsessed With Cutting Out Red Dye, But Does It Really Affect Kids?

by Miranda Rake

California recently banned Red Dye No. 3. Should you do the same in your family?

Time is a construct, but we're stuck with it

This Cute Visual Timer Helps My Little Kid (& Me) Manage Transitions

by Miranda Rake

A handy gadget for little procrastinators and their parents.

a child on a playground might be in the Yellow Zone, according to the Zones of Regulation
Big Feelings

What Are The Zones of Regulation?

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And how does describing yourself as being in a ‘red zone’ help your kids?


Parents Are Turning To L-Theanine To Treat Their Kids' Anxiety, But Is It Safe?

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Step away from the supplement aisle — there are better ways to help your kid feel better.


Help! I Can’t Get My Kids Out The Door In The Morning Without Losing It

by Sarah Wheeler

Do not fall victim to the lie that there is some version of reality where if you were just good enough, mornings would be easy.

A cheerful teacher gives a little boy a high five during a parent-teacher conference. The boy's mom ...

How To Survive The IEP Process, From A Special Ed Teacher Who Knows

by Seth Miller

Academic or behavioral supports exist for a reason, but they exist as rusty cogs in a vast, arcane machine.