Moms, Give Yourselves A Break & Listen To Adele Sing About Being A "Hot Mess"

It’s OK to be a hot mess. In fact... Adele makes it look so good it should really be embraced.

Adele’s new album 30 has really represented a shift in the singer’s life. She went through a painful divorce with ex-husband Simon Konecki and had to relearn so much about herself as a woman, an artist, and perhaps most of all, a mom. And here is where her album is an absolute gift to moms everywhere who have gone through their own seismic shifts in identity in the past chaotic few years. Adele’s new song “Oh My God” is a love song for “hot mess” moms everywhere. A reminder that messiness and honesty are vastly preferable to the sheen of faux perfection. Because if Adele can create an entire, gorgeous album dedicated to expressing her own insecurities and struggles as a single mom, what is stopping the rest of us?

The video for “Oh My God” dropped on Jan. 12, and naturally it was a real stunner. Black and white, arthouse-style filming, dancing, Adele sitting in a chair and singing her heart out in gorgeous outfit after gorgeous outfit. She shared a little behind-the-scenes in an Instagram post, thanking the director Sam Brown (who had previous worked with her on the “Rolling In The Deep” video), the crew for their patience and attention to detail. Then she went on to thank designers Louis Vuitton, Harris Reed, and The Queen Haus - Vivienne Westwood for “the most stunning clothes for me to sing my ‘I’m a hot mess’ song in!”

And believe me, a hot mess song this is indeed.

Adele sings for hot mess moms everywhere.

“Oh My God” sees Adele, who is mom to 9-year-old son Angelo, wrestling with finding romance and not trusting the experience entirely. “I'm a fool, but they all think I'm blind / I'd rather be a fool than leave myself behind / I don't have to explain myself to you / I am a grown woman and I do what I want to do,” she sings.

Ultimately, she sings, “I know that it’s wrong / But I want to have fun.”

Perhaps hearing Adele sing about unapologetically wanting to have fun, wanting to carve out a little space where she gets to do what she wants to do, will give other moms permission to do the same.

It’s OK to be a hot mess. In fact... Adele makes it look so good it should really be embraced.