John Corbett in 'And Just Like That...' Season 2, Episode 7
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And Just Like That... Gave Us An Update On How Old Aidan Shaw’s Kids Are Today

Betcha didn’t know little Tater Tot could vote now...

by Kaitlin Kimont

Twenty years after his last appearance on Sex and the City, Aidan Shaw is back in our lives. Carrie Bradshaw and her dog-loving, furniture designer ex who loves to eat fried chicken in bed have reconnected in And Just Like That... Season 2. So what has the beloved character, played by John Corbett, been up to since we last saw him baby-wearing his son Tate in New York City? How many kids does Aidan have these days? Here’s what you need to know.

Aidan Shaw got married to another furniture designer.

Carrie and Aidan broke up for good (kinda) in Sex and the City Season 4, and Aidan moved on and started the family he always wanted. In “To Market, to Market,” — Season 6, Episode 1, which aired in 2003 — Carrie bumps into Aidan on the street, where he iconically turns around to reveal his infant son Tate in a baby carrier on his chest. “I had a baby!” Aidan says to Carrie. “This is the man, Tate! I call him Tater ‘cause he kinda looks like one, ya know? No hair, big eyes.” Aidan also reveals that he married another furniture designer named Kathy.

Aidan and Tater Tot, circa 2003. Max

How many kids does Aidan Shaw have?

Aidan has three sons: Tate, Homer, and Wyatt. In Sex and the City 2, Carrie once again runs into Aidan unexpectedly, this time at a market in Abu Dhabi. In the movie, Aidan reveals to Carrie that he’s had two more children, his sons Homer and Wyatt.

Aidan shows this picture of his three sons — Tate, Homer, and Wyatt — to Carrie in the Sex and the City 2 movie. Max

How old are Aidan Shaw’s kids today?

Because we first met Aidan’s oldest son in 2003, we know that Tate is 20 years old today. And in Episode 8, Season 2 of And Just Like That... we learn that Homer is 17 and Wyatt is 14.

We also learn in And Just Like That... that their mom, Aidan’s ex Kathy, is a textile designer, lives in Norfolk, and they split custody of the kids on the weekends.

Aidan wants Carrie to meet his sons now.

In Episode 8, Season 2 of And Just Like That... Aidan and Carrie are in bed, chatting about the chickens on his farm and his country house in Virginia when he tells Carrie, “I want you to meet my boys,” to which she responds, “I would like that, too.”

Aidan gives Carrie an update about his kids when they reunite Craig Blankenhorn/Max

From Manhattan to the Virginia countryside, Aidan and Carrie’s rekindled romance is just getting started on And Just Like That... But I couldn’t help but wonder, how will Tate, Wyatt, and Homer feel about their dad’s old/new girlfriend?