Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer's son Gene plays drinking games with his mom.
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Amy Schumer's Son Gene Is A Whiz At A Classic Drinking Game

With water!

by Jen McGuire

Not everything about your life has to change when you have a kid. This is my takeaway from the cute Instagram video of Amy Schumer and Gene playing "Never Have I Ever," the classic drinking game. With water in a sippy cup, of course!

"Never Have I Ever" is that fun party game where people take turns saying things like "Never have I ever... had sex on an airplane" or some such thing. Then, if it's a drinking game, the people who have had sex on an airplane drink. It's a fun game for Zoom since participants can self-isolate and get drunk safely alone at home, or do it in person. You can also play the game just holding your hand up if you want, but I think we can all agree that is not nearly as much fun.

When Schumer played "Never Have I Ever" with 20-month-old son Gene, who she shares with husband Chris Fischer, they went for the drinking option. And their questions were more G-rated, in case you were worried.

The video sees Gene sitting in his high chair with a nice little meal in front of him while his mom says, "OK how about this, I never... went on a plane." She reminds him that he's been on a plane so he takes his pacifier out of his mouth, says "Yeah!" and takes a drink from his sippy cup. Schumer's next question, "I never... got a speeding ticket," curiously saw Gene take another drink along with the Trainwreck star. When she asked him if he'd gotten a speeding ticket he answered "Yeah!" and she said, "Oh, well. I didn't know that."

Amy Schumer played "Never Have I Ever" with son Gene.

Schumer's followers loved this mother-son version of the game, with people leaving messages like, "It’s these mother son moments that really cement a solid relationship. Precious. Just precious," and "He took that first sip like a champ 'YEAH IVE BEEN ON A PLANE.'"

As a comedian, Schumer has been incorporating Gene in some pretty funny little bits lately. Like last week when she essentially won the Bernie mitten meme game by photoshopping Sen. Sanders into Gene's birth.

Beyond just being funny, Schumer's ability to remain herself while being a mom of a toddler is actually quite inspirational. As moms, it's easy to feel like we are losing our sense of selves when we take care of our kids. Amy Schumer's "Never Have I Ever" game with Gene reminds us that isn't the case. Not at all.