Of course Amy Schumer perfected the Bernie Sanders' meme from the inauguration.
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Amy Schumer's Version Of The "Bernie" Meme May Be The Best Yet

Was he there when Gene was born? We can never know for sure.

Ever since Inauguration Day, everyone has been obsessing over the fashion statements made by the political rock stars on hand. First Lady Michelle Obama's incredible pant suit, Lady Gaga's statement dove pin. And Sen. Bernie Sanders. Just everything about him. So much so that he became a bit of a meme, or the biggest meme to come out of Inauguration Day 2021. Naturally, Amy Schumer's "Bernie" meme has won the game, despite being up against stiff competition. I think it was the position of Sanders in her meme, right smack dab in the middle of the delivery room when she welcomed son Gene in 2019.

For those of you who didn't catch the original moment, Vermont Sen. Sanders showed up for President Joe Biden's inauguration looking like everyone's favorite grandpa. Wearing an old winter coat, big hand-knit mittens, and a disposable face mask. Sitting in a chair, looking mildly disgruntled as he waited for things to get under way, he really made his own kind of statement at the glittering event. And that statement might as well have been, let's get on with it I want to go home for a 10-minute nap.

Sanders' look, his mittens in particular, has become a super popular meme in the days since then, and Schumer took part in the best way possible. The comedian shared a photo from the day she welcomed son Gene in May 2019, with Sanders looking like he was overseeing the medical professionals from his seat.

Amy Schumer nailed the "Bernie" meme.

Schumer went on to share a photo of Sanders sitting beside Gene on the sofa and finally, a teeny, tiny senator in his folding chair beside a NSFW carrot. The Trainwreck star captioned the photo, "Bernie has always been there for me our son and our greatest treasure." I guess the greatest treasure was the sexy carrot, no offense Gene.

Several social media users admitted Schumer won the unofficial "Bernie" meme contest, like actress Kerry Washington who wrote, "Okay, you win." That's saying something because Washington had already shared several of her own versions of the "Bernie" meme. Another wrote, "I’m glad I’m not the only one staying up late inserting Bernie into my family photos," while Jennifer Aniston simply responded with clapping hand emojis.

Amy Schumer and the rest of the world will move on from this particular Bernie Sanders meme, as always happens. But for now it's just great. So let's enjoy it while it lasts.