Andy Cohen's son Ben loves a breakfast chip.

Andy Cohen's Son Ben Hides Behind A Chair To Enjoy A Bag Chips For Breakfast In Peace

“I do it every day.”

Nobody could ever accuse Andy Cohen’s 4-year-old son Ben of not knowing how to stick to his guns. He’s not going to apologize for his morning habit of hiding behind a chair and eating potato chips for breakfast. Not even when he’s caught on camera by his dad and questioned about it. He just kept on eating those chips during the interrogation, making the odd yummy sound and smacking his lips because those chips were just that good. We love a young king who knows exactly what he wants.

The Watch What Happens Live host took to Instagram to share a video of his son Benjamin, who he’s raising as a single dad along with 1-year-old daughter Lucy, hanging out in the kitchen behind a chair.

“Ben, what are you doing hiding behind a chair with two bags of chips at 7:00 in the morning?” Cohen asked his son. “Uh... eating chips,” Ben replied because obviously. As Ben said a loud “Mmm” and could be heard crunching on his chips, Cohen said, “Well, can I make you a real breakfast please instead?”

Ben was not opposed to his father preparing a second breakfast for him, but he had his priorities straight. “First I eat this. I do it every day.”

Cohen went on to tell his son that he didn’t blame him for wanting chips because they’re delicious, but explained that they simply aren’t a breakfast food. Ben didn’t bother responding because he was too busy finishing up his breakfast chips. Which we learn later in a separate Instagram Story that he will be chasing down with his “crutch” food on the way to camp: two slices of turkey bacon.

Young Ben Cohen has had a tumultuous relationship with summer camp so far this season, which his father has documented for his followers. Every morning he does his own mysterious set of “calculations” to see how summer camp is going to go for him that day, and the calculations almost exclusively point to a bad day.

Hopefully things have gotten better with this recent development, Ben’s new decision to “bring two pieces of turkey bacon with him to camp every day.” That’s right, Ben just struts on in to summer camp with a fist of turkey bacon and a belly full of breakfast chips. There’s just no topping that.