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Andy Cohen's 4-Year-Old Son Ben Knows He Won't Like Camp Thanks To His "Calculations"

Ben’s calculations have decided he’s not going to be a good boy.

Andy Cohen’s 4-year-old son Ben was prepared for a bad day at summer camp. It’s unfortunate, but he did the calculations and that’s what he turned up. A bad day. And no matter what his dad tells him on their drive to summer camp, he’s just not going back on these important calculations. So he might as well stop trying to change his mind.

The Watch What Happens Live host shared two hilarious videos on Instagram of himself on his way to drop his son Ben off at summer camp. In an attempt to start the day off right, Cohen says to Ben in the first video, “You have the power to be a good boy, to be nice to everybody and to participate today.” Unfortunately for Cohen, that’s just not going to happen. “My calculations don’t say that,” Ben tells his dad from the back seat.

“Well, when are you doing your calculating?” asked Cohen, who is also dad to 1-year-old daughter Lucy. “When are you making these calculations? Can you make a new calculation?”

Ben immediately said, “No. This is my own calculation.” After the little boy explained that “everyone has a calculation,” Cohen decided to come back with his own. “My calculations say that it’s going to be a great day and you’re going to be a good boy.”

Did he win? Of course not.

“That’s not true,” Ben insisted. “My calculations don’t say that.” When asked to recalculate, Ben simply said, “I’m not.” Which is bad news for the summer camp he’s already decided not to enjoy.

If you think things improved after a weekend at home with his dad, they did not. On Monday morning, Cohen took to Instagram with a new video, again on the way to summer camp. “I’m so sorry you’re going to have such a bad day,” Cohen said to Ben. “Maybe your calculations say the afternoon will get a little better.”

Ben reminded his dad that back “when you were listening” on a drive back from camp his father had promised “you weren’t going to change my calculations.” Cohen agreed, telling his son “I’m done changing your calculations Ben” and simply allowed that Ben was going to have a bad day at camp. How bad, you ask? “$1 million,” according to Ben, which I guess he considers pretty rotten.

If there’s one thing we know about Ben Cohen, he knows his mind. Even to the point where he shuts his dad down if he’s telling him he loves him too much, as he did in another recent car ride. I guess he has a certain amount of “I love you”s calculated daily and he’s not about to allow anyone to mess with that.