Andy Cohen's son Ben knows that he loves him.

Andy Cohen’s Son Ben Had The Most Exasperated Response To His Dad Saying "I Love You"

“Ugh daddy I already know that!”

Dad of two Andy Cohen was simply trying to bond with his 4-year-old son Ben recently and it did not go as planned. Even though poor Cohen was actually lifting Ben up and supporting his excellent taste, Ben was not having it. For no apparent reason other than he is a 4-year-old boy and this explains everything.

Cohen shared a video on Instagram over the weekend where he is seen to be in his car talking to his son Ben, who is off camera.

“Ben, what did you just ask for?” Cohen calls out to his son. “Turn on the Grateful Dead please?” Ben answered, and Cohen’s face broke into a big grin.

“Ben, I love you so much,” he then tells his son, which most people would presumably consider a kind thing to say, particularly as it showed support for Ben’s taste in music. Nope.

“Ugh, Daddy I already know that! Stop saying that!” Ben said from the back seat.

“High highs, low lows,” the Watch What Happens Live host said to the camera even as Ben could be heard sighing in frustration in the background.

Ben’s response to his dad telling him he loves him tracked with other parents, who took to Cohen’s Instagram to commiserate. “We might all listen to different music, but the soundtrack to parenthood is all the same,” wrote one follower while fellow parent of a 4-year-old Amy Schumer simply wrote, “Crying.” Former Saturday Night Live cast member Cheri Oteri came out in support of Ben on social media, writing, “O M G your little Dead Head in the back seat KNOWS YOU FRIGGEN LOVE HIM already jeez!!”

Cohen, who is also raising 1-year-old daughter Lucy as a single dad, has shared some of Ben’s strong opinions before on social media. Like when Ben proclaimed that legendary singer Cher was simply “singing too loud for me” and stayed icily silent when his father tried to explain that Cher was going to be a big part of his life. It probably doesn’t help that Ben has recently transitioned to a toddler bed and his father told fellow dad Anderson Cooper that the “power” has shifted with the move. “Young Benjamin holds the keys to the castle,” according to Cohen.

He also holds the keys to his dad’s heart, and he already knows it. So don’t bother saying it, ugh.