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Andy Cohen's Son 4-Year-Old Ben Sleeps In A Toddler Bed Now & He Say It's Been “Hell”

“Young Benjamin holds the keys to the castle.”

Introducing his 4-year-old son Benjamin to a toddler bed has not been Andy Cohen’s favorite milestone as a dad of two. In fact, he literally described this stage as “hell” when talking to fellow dad of two Anderson Cooper. And it wasn’t just Cohen’s words that might resonate with other parents going through the same stage. It was the vaguely haunted look on his face as he said it. He knows what he’s talking about.

The 54-year-old dad, who is also raising 1-year-old daughter Lucy, spoke to his longtime friend Anderson Cooper during a recent interview on CBS Sunday Morning about Cooper’s 3-year-old son Wyatt.

“Has Wyatt moved to a toddler bed yet?” Cohen asks him.

Cooper, who is also raising 1-year-old son Sebastian with ex-partner Benjamin Maisani, said he hadn’t yet and asked Cohen, “What’s with your obsession with toddler beds?”

Cohen scoffs before explaining exactly why he is obsessed with toddler beds. “It is hell. You are messing with your life,” He goes on to describe putting children in cribs as “basically what we’re all doing with all due is keeping our children in a cage, which is the crib.” Moving to the toddler bed “is a nightmare,” he contends, because it gives children “free will ... they are coming to you at all hours. The lines are blurred. And the power shifts.”

According to Cohen, now that his son has moved to the toddler bed, “Young Benjamin holds the keys to the castle.”

Toddler beds certainly do change the dynamic, Cohen is not wrong about that in the least. Because kids can move about more freely and yes, it’s true, free will is a game-changer. There are ways around this, of course. Put up some rails on the toddler bed to protect kids from falling out but also to slow their movements in the middle of the night because they might get fooled into thinking they’re still in their cribs.

Even with these changes, other parents admitted that the toddler bed was a tough transition for them. “My son kept me up for eight months solid after we put him in a toddler bed. Not my husband, ME. He is 21 now and I’m STILL bitter,” wrote one social media user. “He is 100% right. Mine slept through the night, like 12 hours. Took the sides off the cribs and all hell broke loose for years! Ha,” wrote another.

Perhaps Cooper should take a little lesson from Cohen and hold off on introducing the toddler bed to Wyatt. This is one of the great benefits of having friends with kids slightly older than yours; you get to find out what works and what doesn’t whether you like it or not.