Andy Cohen's son Ben thinks Cher is "too loud."

Andy Cohen's Son Benjamin Had A Hilariously Harsh Review For Cher's Singing

“She was singing too loud for me.”

It is one of the sad truths of parenting that we can’t seem to make our kids like all of the stuff we like. Just ask Andy Cohen, a lifelong Cher fan, who tried to share his love of the iconic singer with 3-year-old son Benjamin and well... it didn’t go as planned.

The Watch What Happens Live host sat down for a chat with his oldest child Benjamin, who is big brother to baby sister Lucy, about how the 3-year-old felt when he was recently introduced to a performance by Cher. “What did you think of Cher?” Cohen asked and Benjamin, who can be heard but is off camera, blithely replied, “She was a singer. She was singing too loud.” He did add out of an abundance of manners that she was singing too loud “for me. For my ears.”

His father was devastated. “She was singing too loud for you? What? You loved it!” Then Cohen did the thing every parent of a toddler has tried to do at some point or another. He tried to get his son on side by referencing Frozen. “Who did she remind you of? She reminded you of Elsa, right? Because they’re both good singers, right?”

Benjamin stayed suspiciously silent, perhaps not agreeing. How Cher would feel about playing second fiddle to Elsa in this story remains to be seen.

Benjamin went on to double down and say she was too loud even though his dad explained it was Cher, at which point he went full toddler and insisted it was Elsa from Frozen. Then he said it was Anna. Finally Cohen said, “Ben, it was Cher and there’s going to be lots of Cher in your life, okay?” I’m guessing it’s probably not okay with Ben, but he’ll get used to it maybe?

Cohen is fully in the toddler years, and even recently tried to open up to his friend Anderson Cooper, also a dad of two, about dealing with “major mood swings and irrational temper tantrums” even as Ben could be heard calling out for Cooper’s oldest son Wyatt over and over in the background. Cooper did not jump on board, instead telling Cohen that his own kids are “pretty great” instead of venting along with him.

Poor Andy Cohen. Trying to enjoy Cher with his son and venting with his pal and getting no support from either of them. I feel his pain.