Ayo Edebiri is coming to 'Abbott Elementary.'
Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

The Bear Star Ayo Edebiri Will Play Janine’s Sister On Abbott Elementary

And apparently Janine thinks she’s “over the top.”

Quinta Brunson continues to shock us with her impressive instincts. She seems to know exactly how to make Abbott Elementary better and better without even asking us what we want. Like inviting Ayo Edebiri to the cast of Abbott Elementary. We loved her in The Bear, and now she’ll be a part of Abbott Elementary too.

Series creator Brunson took to Twitter on Sunday to give Abbott Elementary fans a glimpse at a new face joining the cast, none other than Ayo Edebiri from The Bear on FX. And it gets even better. Edebiri has a recurring role as the sister of Janine Teagues, the ever-optimistic third grade teacher played by Brunson, according to Entertainment Weekly. Edebiri is set to be introduced on Wednesday’s episode of Abbott Elementary called “Valentine’s Day,” and while this first appearance is expected to be brief, there is reportedly a longer storyline coming down the pike for her.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Edebiri’s character is named Ayesha and she and Janine have a somewhat strained sister relationship. Something that might be slightly one-sided on Janine’s part. A clip from the series shared with the outlet sees Janine calling her sister to wish her a happy birthday and, while Ayesha is perfectly normal, Janine extrapolates every phrase to give it a double meaning and invent issues between the two. She tells her friend Jacob (Chris Perfetti) that her sister is “over the top” and “really intense.”

We will find out soon enough as Brunson shared a photo of herself being hugged by Edebiri alongside Janelle James, otherwise known as Principle Ava Coleman, with the caption, “new episode this Wednesday.”

Edebiri’s inclusion on Abbott Elementary does not mean she’ll be leaving The Bear, fortunately. She is slotted to head back to the kitchen to join Season 2 of the Emmy-nominated series, something she’s excited about especially after Carmy’s big windfall in the first season. “They've gotten all this cash, they have a lot of big ideas and they have each other, which based on the [first] season can be really great and also really chaotic,” Edebiri told E!. “So, just following those natural ups and downs. Getting to see where they go as they enter this new venture will be pretty exciting.”

What’s really exciting is seeing Edebiri hit her stride on more than one excellent show. We can’t wait to see her interact with Janine.