The Trailer For Baby Shark's Big Movie Is Here & Your Kids Are Gonna Freak Out

In Baby Shark’s Big Movie, evil pop diva Starianna wants to steal his song.

It’s official. Baby Shark cannot be considered a fad or a trend, it’s absolutely here to stay. How do we know? Because Baby Shark’s Big Movie is an animated musical coming soon, and the trailer is full of exciting moments. The unexpected juggernaut that is Baby Shark is an icon now, so here’s everything you need to know about Baby Shark’s Big Movie before its premieres on Nickelodeon and Paramount+.

What is Baby Shark’s Big Movie about?

Baby Shark’s Big Movie sees Baby Shark and his family moving to Chomp City, which is the big city of sharks. The famous Baby Shark has to learn to adjust to life in a new city without his best friend William (who somehow gets a name even as our hero is simply called Baby Shark), and he quickly finds out he has a bigger problem on his hand. An evil pop diva starfish named Starianna, who wants to steal his song so she can dominate all of the music underwater. He needs to break her spell and goes on a mission to create harmony in the ocean, which is a pretty tall order considering he’s a literal baby who just moved to a new city.

You will hear some familiar voices in the trailer for Baby Shark’s Big Movie.

The trailer sees Starianna using her magical bubble to find out who has the best song in the ocean, and is shocked to discover Baby Shark singing his earworm of a chart-topper. Meanwhile, Baby Shark has had an official friendship ceremony with William only to find out he has to move to Chomp City, but at least he keeps his friendship bracelet when he moves. Starianna is working on being “the catchiest fish in the sea,” and captures William to get Baby Shark onside.

Starianna is voiced by Ashley Tisdale, while Kimoko Glen voices Baby Shark. Chloe Fineman, Patrick Warburton, Lance Bass, Cardi B as “Sharki B,” Offset as “Offshark,” their daughter Kulture as Kulture Sharki, and their little boy Wave as Wavey Shark as are also lending their voice talents to Baby Shark’s Big Movie, so you know the music is going to be good.

How can you watch Baby Shark’s Big Movie?

Baby Shark’s Big Movie will debut on Friday, Dec. 8, at 12 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon and will also be available to stream on Paramount+ the same day. So mark your calendars because you know your kids are going to be watching this one over and over again.