Put Baby Yoda On Top Of Your Christmas Tree, Everyone's Doing It

Who better to replace your star?

Are you tired of putting a star on the top of your Christmas tree? Thinking you might like something a little more adorable and a lot more current Well, Baby Yoda Christmas tree toppers are trending in 2020, so why don't you just go ahead and jump on that cute little bandwagon.

Baby Yoda, or The Child or Grogu as he is sometimes known, has become the breakout star of the Disney+ original series The Mandalorian. Who knows where Baby Yoda's popularity has sprung from; it could be his oversized tunic, the way he shuffles his tiny feet when he moves, his little green face that looked like the original Yoda from Star Wars but, let's face it, a whole lot cuter. Whatever the reason, Baby Yoda paraphernalia has sprung up all over the place. Baby Yoda stuffed toys, Baby Yoda costumes for actual babies, even Baby Yoda hot chocolate bombs have become a thing over the holiday season.

Baby Yoda's rise to the top has been swift, and now it looks like the little green character with the enormous eyes has made it to the top. Literally. People are sharing photos of their Baby Yoda Christmas tree toppers, and across the board they are simply adorable.

Baby Yoda tree toppers are the cutest holiday trend of 2020.

It's difficult to place where exactly the trend started, but it has certainly taken off since Twitter user @taylorjane__ first shared photos of Baby Yoda adorning the top of their Christmas tree at the beginning of December with the caption, "do y'all like our christmas tree topper." More than 550,000 "y'alls" liked it, and there were more Baby Yoda tree toppers to come.

Baby Yoda Christmas tree toppers are a social media hit.

Social media user Susan Li shared her own version of the Baby Yoda Christmas tree topper but took it to the next level by having him reach out for a Christmas ball, like he's using the Force and everything.

Baby Yoda Christmas tree toppers are a thing in 2020.

Still another fan of the trend wondered "what people from 100 years ago would think if they saw this weird looking creature on the tops of Christmas trees."

Baby Yoda is cropping up in Christmas trees.

Not everyone went straight to the top of the tree with their Baby Yoda. This Twitter user's brother had him peeking out from behind the branches.

Baby Yoda tree toppers are a thing in 2020.

It's important not to miss out on the fun costume opportunities when placing Baby Yoda on the top of the tree, like this Stormtrooper who really got into the theme.

Why not go for a Baby Yoda for the top of the tree this year? After all, the holiday season for 2020 has been anything but traditional.