These train movies and shows are perfect for kids who love locomotives.

These Movies & Shows Are Perfect For Your Train-Obsessed Kid

There’s so much more than just Thomas & Friends!

When my brother was young, he’d hide in our parents' closet while everyone tore through the house looking for him. After a while, they’d found him quietly folded into his own world of being the driver of the train of adult shoes he lined up and carefully pushed to their imaginary destinations. No matter what fancy action figure he had to play with, his obsession with pushing things around that were connected required nothing bought from the children’s toy section!

Some of the best movies and tv shows featuring trains came out after he’d outgrown his phase. But for every kid that loves to push their wooden pieces while singing “choo-choo,” there’s a show that will feed their fascination.

These massive mechanical transports didn’t exist in the US until 1804, when the first train was built. And even if you can’t picture this, the first version of a train was horses pulling crates on a treadmill. The evolution of locomotives has since made a huge jump to now having passenger bullet trains that can go up to 300mph.

If you mention the word “train” around children, they usually won’t hesitate to associate it with Thomas and Friends or theme songs attached to many of these shows, which feature cargo trains, passenger trains, race trains, and animated locomotives that teach lessons on friendship, fairness, and having fun!


The Polar Express

The Polar Express is a throwback, but the majority of the movie takes place on this dreamy train that picks children up the night before Christmas. It’s down in the books as a holiday favorite for so many (although it took a minute to catch my interest). Many elementary school classes have pajama day during Christmas and include this on their watch list, and you can stream it on Hulu.

Rated G


Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures!

Here he is! Thomas is the doe-eyed, friendly train that is constantly underestimated by other bully trains that think he’s too small to pull off his tasks. Big World! Big Adventures! is about him trusting his abilities enough to explore the world, and you can find it on Amazon.

Not rated



Chuggington is a half-hour series full of colorful locomotives that invite the kiddos into the world of this train station and their daily adventures. It’s a cool one to add to the bunch, and you can find it on Hulu and Amazon.

Rated TV-Y


Mighty Express

Mighty Express is a world revolving around the duties of several trains who gather daily to get assignments called “Mega Missions.” One of the best parts of this show is the station is run by a diverse cast of kids who pass out and oversee these missions! Another bonus: you can find it on Netflix.

Rated TV-Y


Robot Trains

You’ve seen transformers, right? OK, now imagine if they all transformed into trains. That’s what Robot Trains are. The message is that they are invincible, stick together, and can conquer any fear by calling on their inner power — a very empowering message for kids! You can find this show on Amazon and Netflix.

Rated TV-Y7


Mighty Trains

With Mighty Trains, you get to explore trains worldwide and learn all about the very first trains, how they are made, the weather they can endure, and the massive cargo they can haul. I’ve never wanted to get on a train so bad until I saw the 1st class lodging and five-star kitchens highlighted on this show. You can stream this show on Amazon and Paramount+.

Rated TV-G


Infinity Train

This show on Cartoon Network follows a girl who finds a train in the woods and gets sucked into it. She wakes up and realizes, a lot like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, that she’s trapped in a world of puzzles as each Infinity Train car is a separate adventure. You can find this series on HBO Max, Netflix, and Amazon.

Rated TV-PG


Super Crazy Kids

This one takes me back to when my kids were learning colors, sorting, and counting. Just watch a few seconds, and you’ll see how perfect Super Crazy Kids is for those foundational lessons. Fun learning songs are included, and they’re all pulled on a train. Remember, repetition is good when learning the basics, so get ready to make this one a part of your routine for your babies! Find this one on YouTube Kids.

Not rated


Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train looks a lot like the circus train, full of animals. And as impractical as the timelines are (dinosaurs and trains), kids still learn lessons about dinosaurs and the earth, social interactions, and get an old feel of how passenger trains used to operate. You can find this series on Amazon and PBS Kids.

Rated TV-Y


Choo Choo Soul

Real talk, I can’t get this song out of my head. And my kids would take turns singing the sound effects. But Choo Choo Soul also reinforces learning the alphabet and gives you songs to bounce to with a bunch of music videos set on a train. You can watch episodes on the Disney Now page.

Rated G