Your Kids Are Going To Flip Over This ‘Bluey’-Inspired Airbnb

The kitchen alone is worth it.

We all know that Bluey holds a very specific pull for adults as well as kids, and I think it all comes down to the Heelers’ house. It is colorful and comfortable and warm and inviting, a real homey sort of place, animation-wise. Which is the problem, of course; it’s animated. You can’t actually go see the Heelers’ house down in Australia now, can you? Well now you can, sort of. There’s a new Airbnb that was inspired by Bluey, and it’s everything you could want.

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Airbnb has listed “Bluey’s Iconic Heeler Home” in Brisbane, Australia for rent. The home has two bedrooms and one bath, and presumably no dogs are included even though this feels like a missed opportunity to me. “Brace yourself for a weekend of family games and make-believe,” the ad reads, “in a home featuring Bluey and Bingo’s colourful bedroom, toy-packed playroom and lush backyard - complete with trampoline!”

No detail has been overlooked at the Airbnb rental, right down to the “the red letterbox, bone-adorned chimney and iconic bay window,” along with the all-important mid-century modern esthetic.

Bluey’s house is available for rent, Bluey not included.

The good news is that kids can have the chance to sleep overnight in Bluey and Bingo’s bedroom (complete with watermelon rug and little hanging lanterns) before eating their breakfast in the cheerful kitchen. The kitchen is actually pre-stocked with delicious snacks too, which is pretty incredible. Parents even get to enjoy a master bedroom retreat worthy of Bandit and Chilli, with a huge bed and plants everywhere.

The bad news is the Heeler house is currently only available to be booked for a two night stay from Feb. 18 to 20 for Australian nationals. Booking opens on Feb. 14 for those lucky Australians.

To be fair, it would be a heck of a long flight to get there for a weekend. Hopefully the Heelers will open up their home for longer stretches eventually for those of us not living in Australia.

It would be amazing to see inside the home that caused such a controversy on TikTok when a man decided that Bandit and Chilli must be involved in organized crime to even afford such an abode.

Seeing it in real life does sort of make you wonder, doesn’t it?