There is a wild new theory about 'Bluey' on TikTok.
Image courtesy BBC Studios

This Theory That Bluey May Be A Rainbow Baby Is Going Viral On TikTok

And it might leave you a little speechless.

There are so many things about Bluey we probably don’t know. So many clues to be unlocked. So many potential hidden messages in the daily lives of the Heeler family that sometimes we need an especially perceptive investigator to sniff them out. Which is exactly what one dedicated Bluey fan did on TikTok. Watch him explain his theory that exuberant little Bluey Heeler is actually a rainbow baby for her parents Chilli and Bandit and prepare to become a believer.

TikTok user @world.shaker recently shared his thoughts about a particularly “sad theory” he came up with after watching Bluey Season 2, Episode 16. The episode sees Bluey and her little sister Bingo trying to find a way to celebrate their mom Chilli on Mother’s Day. After Bingo accidentally spills her mom’s tea, the pair decides to put on a show based on their parents’ lives together. Starting with their courtship in London and moving on to the big ticket item — Chilli’s pregnancy.

As @world.shaker notes, Bingo is wearing an inflated balloon under her shirt to imitate her mother when she would have been pregnant with Bluey. The two sisters bump into each other a bit, and the balloon bursts. At which point their dad Bingo reaches for his wife’s hand to comfort her. This has @world.shaker thinking that Bluey was born after a previous pregnancy loss because “Bandit’s first reaction is not to comfort their children, but to comfort his wife.”

It’s a small scene, but powerful. Something @world.shaker notes is probably intentional. “I think the reason they weren’t as obvious about it as they were in other situations is that there’s not really a great way to explain to a child what a miscarriage is.” He also points out that Bluey never really shies away from tough topics like bullying, divorce, or even a loved one passing away. So hinting that Bluey might be a rainbow baby does not seem far off the mark.

This isn’t the first theory about Bluey to make the TikTok rounds. In April, comedian Zach Mander did a deep dive into the Heeler family finances and decided they couldn’t possibly afford their home on their salaries. He suspected Bandit and Chilli, who work as an archaeologist and in airport security respectively, might be dabbling in nefarious activities. Especially since one has extensive knowledge of priceless artifacts while the other could get around airport security.

While the criminal theory is probably less than plausible, the rainbow baby theory does make a sad kind of sense. And if it was intentionally included in the show, it was a simple, lovely way to make parents who have suffered a pregnancy loss feel seen, without engaging children in a tough topic. As ever, well done Bluey.