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There are currently no details on "Bluey" Season 4.
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For Real Life!? More Bluey Is Coming, But We'll Have To Hang Tight For Season 4

We just can’t get enough of those Heelers!

Unless you were born yesterday — and even then! — chances are, you know and love Bluey. That’s because the Emmy-winning Australian kids’ show is heartfelt and hilarious. (And parents love it even more than Bluey and Bingo love making Mum and Dad play Dance Mode!) Since watching Bluey Season 3 on repeat since it premiered on Disney+ on Aug. 10, you may be wondering: will there be a Bluey Season 4? Here’s everything we know so far about a potential Season 4, and it’s possible release date in the U.S.

Will there be a Bluey Season 4?

More Bluey is coming!

After the Daily Mail Australia reported in May 2022 that Bluey is ending, which reportedly came from inside sources close to Ludo Studio in Brisbane where Bluey is produced, the creators of Bluey released a statement to refute the claims.

“Some of you have spotted some online speculation on the future of #Bluey,” they wrote on Twitter at the time. “We absolutely love the show and there are no plans to end it. The community of fans around the world continue to blow us away and if we ever had an update on Bluey’s future you’d hear it from us first.”

A spokesperson for Ludo told Daily Mail Australia, “We’re very excited about the future of Bluey, which is now a huge global success, and there’s certainly much more to come.”

They haven’t specifically announced a Season 4 yet, but they have assured fans more Bluey is coming.

When will Bluey Season 4 premiere?

Hold your biscuits, Bluey fans! We are still waiting on the second half of Bluey Season 3 to premiere.

The 27, 7-minute episodes of Bluey Season 3 streaming on Disney+ right now make up the first half of the season. The second half of Season 3 will premiere on Disney+, Disney Channel, and Disney Junior at a later date that has not been revealed yet.

According to Bluey’s website, only 37 episodes of Season 3 have premiered in Australia. After the remaining episodes air on the Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) — the Bluey wiki claims the last episode of Season 3 will air on Dec. 19, 2022 — they will come to the U.S.

After that, creator Joe Brumm along with Ludo Studios, ABC, and BBC Studios will start planning the next season.

“We always finish a season before planning the next one and right now we’re halfway through series three and really excited about the future — we can’t wait to share new episodes,” a spokesperson for Ludo told Daily Mail Australia in May 2022.

According to DisneyPlusInformer, fans shouldn’t expect to see new episodes until at least 2023 (and considering how 2022 is almost over, it may be even longer than that). After all, each episode of Bluey takes about four months to produce, according to the Los Angeles Times.

What could Season 4 be about?

Right now, no details have been released about Bluey Season 4. But it should be consistent with previous seasons as long as Brumm continues to write it. “Every episode generally starts from something I’m noticing in my kids’ life or my wife and I’s life that just keeps coming up,” Brumm told the Los Angeles Times.

In the Bluey subreddit, Redditors have started a thread to discuss the episodes they most hope to see in Season 4. This is a great place to read on the amazing ideas people have about the show — including one person wishing for an autistic character, one person wanting to see what happened to Chili’s mum, and many people wanting to see more of Rad and Frisky — or comment a few of your own ideas. You never know, Joe Brumm could be perusing this subreddit as we speak!

Watch the first two-and-a-half seasons of Bluey on Disney+.