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The Heeler Family talks about the importance of promises in Season 3 of 'Bluey.'

Here’s What We Know About When The Rest of Bluey Season 3 Will Come To Disney+

“Our children” want to know.

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Biscuits! It’s been so long since American audiences were able to catch new episodes of the beloved, Emmy-winning Australian kids’ show Bluey and we... erm, that is “our children” want to know when will the rest of Bluey Season 3 be on Disney+. Here’s everything we know about when we can expect more playtime fun with the Heeler Family.

When will Bluey Season 3 coming to Disney+?

The majority of Season 3 is already on Disney+. Bluey Season 3, Episodes 1 to 37 are currently available for your/your children’s entertainment. The last batch of 10 episodes dropped on Disney+ in the U.S. on July 12 and included...

  • “Musical Statues”
  • “Stories”
  • “Puppets
  • “Turtle Boy”
  • “Onesies”
  • “Tradies”
  • “Granny Mobile”
  • “Space”
  • “Dirt”
  • “The Decider”

What episodes are left in Bluey Season 3?

Season 3 is 50 episodes long (a wee bit shorter than previous seasons, which were 52 and 51 episodes long). So far, 47 episodes have aired in Australia, 10 more than we have in the U.S. These episodes initially aired Down Under between April 9 and June 11, 2023 and are called...

  • “Cubby”
  • “Exercise”
  • “Relax”
  • “Stickbird”
  • “Show And Tell”
  • “Dragon”
  • “Wild Girls”
  • “TV Shop”
  • “Slide”
  • “Cricket”

Disney hasn’t announced when these episodes will drop on their platform though, in the past it’s taken a while. The episodes we here in the U.S. got just this past July, for example, had aired in Australia June 2022! More than a year prior.

Honestly we don’t even want to think about it...

Season 3 of Bluey isn’t over yet.

The last three Season 3 Bluey episodes have yet to air anywhere. Moreover, we don’t know what they’re called or when they’re coming out. That said, in the past, the season finales have been holiday themed — “Verandah Santa” in Season 1 and “Easter” in Season 2. So it’s not impossible that Australia will see those episodes before the end of 2023, which means Americans can enjoy them several months to a year after that.

What is Bluey Season 3 about?

Bluey, her sister Bingo, her mum Chilli, and her dad Bandit are always having small adventures of playing games and learning important life lessons, and Season 3 is no exception. In the latest episodes on Disney+, Bluey and Bingo’s world has expanded with new friends and new discoveries… sometimes from the comfort of their own home.

“The premiering episodes also include a range of home-based stories that reflect, in humorous and sometimes poignant detail, the usual and unexpected occurrences of everyday family life with relatable themes such as making dad a birthday breakfast, keeping promises, and getting one’s own bedroom,” according to a press release.

Kids and families around the world love Bluey.

Whenever we get our new episodes of Bluey — we can be sure that fans from around the world will cheer right alongside our families.

Since its debut in the U.S. in 2019, Bluey has quickly become a fan favorite. According to the press release, the series was Disney Junior’s #1 ratings driver with kids 2 to 5 years old in 2021 and the first half of 2022. On ABC in Australia, Bluey is the #1 children’s show across all age groups. The first live Bluey puppet show called Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show will tour the U.S. starting on Nov. 18 in New York City.

Bluey earned International Emmy® Award in the Preschool category in 2020 as well as four 2021 Kidscreen Awards (Best Animated Series, Best Directing, Best Writing, Best Music), a 2021 Rockie Award (Best Animation Program for Pre-school Viewers), a 2021 ARIA Award for Best Children’s Album, the 2021 AACTA Best Children’s Program, and a nomination for Best Animated Series at the 27th Critics' Choice Awards.

“Love for Bluey has exploded among viewers across the globe, and we’re delighted to debut another exciting season that will give fans more opportunities to spend time with Bluey and family,” said Henrietta Hurford-Jones, Director of Children's Content Partnerships, BBC Studios, in a press release. “We’re so happy to be working with a partner like Disney that shares our enthusiasm for the series, which has become part of the cultural zeitgeist and a co-viewing winner worldwide.”

Charlie Aspinwall and Daley Pearson, Executive Producers and Co-Founders, Ludo Studio, said in a statement, “We've been creating Bluey together for over five years at Ludo and every day is a privilege to turn up and create the show with each artist at the studio. We love this crew, we love this cast and we're so proud and happy that their work is being welcomed and loved by homes around the world.”

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