I Slipped On My Beans!

Bluey and Bingo as Janet and Rita in "Grannies."
The Top 10 Funniest Bluey Episodes, Ranked

Who’d have guessed a show for preschoolers could make us laugh this hard?

While Bluey has earned an episode for being a kids’ show that routinely makes parents cry, the truth is we love Bluey as much for its humor as its poignant, heartfelt lessons in parenting. So we here at Romper wanted to gather the funniest episodes of Bluey, because sometimes you need a chuckle-marathon.

It makes sense that this show tickles our funny bone as much as it does. Parenting is hard and full of tears of all sorts, yes, but it’s also really hilarious. And no show has ever captured parenting quite as perfectly as Bluey. Narrowing down the funniest episodes was tough. Because, honestly, even in the more serious episodes there are usually moments that make us laugh out loud. But we’re here to do the hard work so you don’t have to... or so you can argue with our rulings in the social media post’s comments section. (That’s fine! We welcome your indignation in this matter as sound minds can disagree on whether, say, we’re fools for not including “Dance Mode” or “Faceytime,” which are, indeed, hysterical.)

So which episodes made the top spot? From chaotic almost-preschoolers to awkward parenting situations, hilarious alter-egos to "fluffying," we're counting down our picks for funniest episodes of Bluey.



“They forgot to toast it...”Disney+

In this episode, Bandit and Bluey head to the playground early in the morning where they meet Winnie and her dad, Fido. But while Bluey and Winnie immediately become good friends, Bandit and Fido are a bit more hesitant with one another in the way that adults are. Seeing the absolute truth of watching two dads forced into a social situation by their children is really, really accurate and maybe uncomfortably funny.

This isn’t an overwhelming hilarious episode, but it’s an example of something the series does better than pretty much any other show: perfectly capturing the humorous side of parenting, especially in juxtaposition to childhood.



“Aaaaand why should I care?”Disney+

OK, this will be a controversial entry because I know some parents really don’t like Unicourse, the intentionally annoying character Bandit creates for a hand puppet whose main purpose seems to be to annoy his wife. But personally I find Unicourse hilarious and I’m writing the list so... them’s the breaks. I even think his catchphrase is funny. (“Aaaaaand... why should I care?”)

There’s something just really funny about watching one parent try to get under the other’s skin in a playful way.


“Burger Shop”

“Mmmm... nope!”Disney+

This episode is dedicated to any parent who’s attempted gentle parenting. Inspired by a new parenting book, Bandit is determined not to tell his children what to do, but to provide them with the resources they need to make good decisions. This... doesn’t go so well when they refuse to come out of the bath and go to bed. When Chilli steps in, annoyed and bemused by this turn of events, Bandit pleads his case.

“The book says to let them make their own choices!”

“They’re in preschool!” Chilli declares.

There’s a great satisfaction to see that parenting book in the garbage by the end of the episode.


“The Sleepover”

“I’m the Flamingo Queen!”Disney+

Honestly, if someone made a list of the funniest episodes and just said “Any episode with Muffin,” I probably wouldn’t disagree. Muffin Cupcake Heeler, Bluey’s younger cousin, is pure, unadulterated chaos, and never is she more chaotic than in “The Sleepover.” In this episode, Bingo and Bluey are excited to have a sleepover with Muffin, especially because it means they’ll get to stay up late. But Muffin is going through an important milestone: giving up naps. And her lack of nap prior to the sleepover has left her incredibly punchy. Hilarity ensues, including the toddler shrieking “I am the Flamingo Queen!” after crashing a pedal car.


“Family Meeting”

Let’s talk about the fluffy.Disney+

Temporarily “banned” from Disney+, this episode is all about the funniest thing in the world: farts. Or, as the Heelers call it “fluffies.” In this episode, Bluey accuses Bandit of “fluffying” in her face. Plaintiff and defendant each argue their case to Chilli, who presides over the meeting as a judge. When Bandit finally confesses (under duress), Chilli is aghast.

“... in your child’s face,” she admonishes.

“Her face is at bum level! It’s hard not to!”



“Whale Watching”

“Not sick. Just...” “Sleepy.”Disney+

While putting together this list, my son (a Bluey fan himself) looked over my shoulder and questioned the inclusion of this one. “It’s not that funny,” he argued.

He thinks that because he doesn’t realize this episode is all about parenting while hungover, and it’s absolutely hysterical.

Chilli and Bandit are worn out and feeling it after a raucous New Year’s Eve party. Unfortunately, parents don’t really get days off and the girls still want to play, with Bandit pretending to be a boat and Chilli acting the part of the whale they’re meant to observe in the wild. It goes about as well as you’d expect.

Also, Chilli getting her kids to bring her chips and sour cream as she pretends to be a whale is just A+ parenting. No notes.


“Sticky Gecko”

“You have no idea how long a minute is, do you?”Disney+

This is another episode that’s much funny for the busy parents of the world than their children. Chilli is attempting to get the girls out the door for a playdate and, well, as anyone who’s attempted to herd children can tell you, it rarely goes smoothly. The girl’s outlandish (but familiar) antics and Chilli’s increasing irritation is a comedy of error and we are here for it.


“Granny Mobile”

“Come on, Bugalugs.”Disney+

Another Muffin entry!

In this episode, the Heeler’s neighbor Doreen is having a garage sale, but she’s not assertive enough to get fair prices for her various items. Meanwhile, Bluey and Bingo have decided to dust off their granny personas, Rita and Janet. Muffin decides to be Gladys, a grouchy granny, which is hilarious in and of itself. But when a real life grumpy granny attempts to bully Doreen into selling her electric scooter for too little, Muffin’s grouchy assertiveness saves the day. The haggling scene between the two is as funny as anything we’ve ever seen.


“The Pool”

Classic Bandit.Disney+

Any parent who’s ever underprepared (which is basically all of us at some point) feels this episode in their very bones. Bluey’s brother Stripe is out of town and has allowed Bandit and his family access to their pool. But over the course of the outing Bandit realizes he forgot basically everything they need, from sunscreen to floaties, to towels. While it’s a deeply annoying situation IRL, it’s funny to see a cartoon dog fall victim to this common parenting misstep.



“Run, Rita!”Disney+

Frankly, it would be irresponsible not to put this episode at #1. This is the first episode where we meet Bingo and Bluey’s alter-egos: elderly women named Rita and Janet. The two love reckless driving, shoplifting, and, it turns out, flossing!

This episode is full of hilariously memorable lines like,

“Just having a nap, dear...”

“Run, Rita!”

And, of course

“I slipped on my beans!”

Fortunately for Bluey fans, new episodes are expected to drop on Disney+ worldwide in 2024. We can’t wait to see the hilarity that’s in store.