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Bandit looks worried at the door while Bluey hides, waiting to shoot at him with tennis balls.

The Bluey Season 3 Finale Hit Fans With A Totally Unexpected Flash-Forward

A week after “The Sign” aired worldwide, Bluey dropped an unpublicized surprise episode to wrap up the season.

Wackadoo! Just when we thought we were fresh out of Bluey, a surprise episode dropped on Disney+ on April 21. The new episode, which was officially kept under wraps, followed the highly anticipated, extra-long episode “The Sign,” and is appropriately titled “Surprise.” Honestly, we were still collecting ourselves after Rad and Frisky’s wedding and the Heelers’ almost move, so we needed a little bit of lighthearted fun to round out Season 3. But this episode, too, was full of exciting revelations for fans, so let’s get into it.

“Surprise” is the last episode of Bluey Season 3.

The episode is mainly focused on Bandit, who just wants to watch a wheelchair race on TV but is pulled into two ball-based games with Bingo and Bluey at the same time. In Bingo’s game — “Children” — she’s a mum who keeps having “babies” (tennis balls fitted into can cozies). In the other — “Surprise!” — Bluey wants to play hide and seek with a twist. Bandit has to try to find her, but when he draws near she shoots at him with a toy arm-cannon her neighbor Chucky loaned her for the day.

As you can imagine, between juggling a never-ending parade of “babies” and getting pummeled by foam balls, Bandit is having a hard time. At one point, the poor guy trips over a mop and bucket and finds himself curled into fetal position on the floor singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to two “babies” while Bluey just keeps shooting at him. From her spot at the kitchen counter, Chilli excitedly points to the chaotic scene.

“Bluey! That’s what having kids is like!” she says, answering a question asked earlier in the episode.

Bluey learns an important lesson about family.

Staggering back to Bingo, Bandit is informed he needs to take the last of her children, Fernuken, to the hospital under the tree out back. His head doesn’t fit on his body properly. As Bandit talks to the unwell little fellow, Bluey, who is lying in wait behind the tree, overhears him offering words of comfort and support.

“You’ve got something going on with your head... and your body. It’s basically your head and your body. But don’t worry. This won’t hold you back. You know why? You’ve got a whole bunch of brothers and sister’s who’ve got your back. And your mum and I are behind you all the way, because we’re a family, and you mean the world to us.”

Bluey emerges, but instead of trying to shoot at her dad, she offers to help him with her “brother” Fernuken. Bandit is heartened by Bluey’s sweetness and settles in to watch the end of his race.

“Surprise” offers an exciting flash forward (and a few Easter eggs...)

The scene shifts from present day Brisbane to the Brisbane of the future. The city is closer to the Heelers’ suburban home, but the neighborhood is no less green. Eco-friendly features abound (rooftops full of greenery, solar panels, wind and nuclear power in the background), but the Heelers’ house looks more or less the same. Inside, Chilli — noticeably older and wearing glasses —walks across the foyer to answer the doorbell. The house is full of new gadgets and a digital photo frame where you can see a grown-up Bingo.


When Chilli answers the door, we see an adult Bluey who has popped over for a surprise. She greets her parents and the three head out back where we learn Bingo is.


“The house looks good!” Bluey notes.

“Can you believe dad almost sold it?” Chilli marvels. Bandit rolls his eyes.

“Will you ever let me live that down?” he calls after them. Bandit lingers a little longer and hears the doorbell again. But when he answers the door, no one is there. That’s when we see a child who looks a bit like Bluey with a similar arm cannon, mirroring the game Bandit and Bluey played earlier in the episode...


Fans were excited about this unexpected treat.

Needless to say, with all the hullaballoo over “Ghostbasket” and especially “The Sign,” another episode just one week later wasn’t really on anyone’s radar. Okay, sure: the Bluey subreddit always seems to know what’s up, but barring the super-duper fans, most folks were well and truly surprised.

“What do you mean they dropped a surprise bluey episode after the finale?” tweeted @monkyonmain.

“Not sure what it says about my life that I’m this excited about a surprise new #bluey episode, but here I am. I’ll Just own it.” joked @GarrettRamponMD.

Others were delighted to get a little extra content to tide us over during Ludo Studio’s announced hiatus until digging in on Season 4, and especially a flash-forward featuring their favorite characters much older.

“Oh my god, i dont know if i need to disclaim spoilers for a kids tv show but i just saw shots from the series final ep of Bluey, "surprise" and i could cry, im so real for being invested in it,” gushed @Astrofyre

Others were really touched by the parallel between the wheelchair race on TV and the love and care the family gives “Fernuken.”

“Saw the season 3 finale of Bluey, Surprise, just now. It hit me straight in the feels with its messages about the value of family and not letting disabilities hold you back. That hit me especially hard since I'm neurodivergent,” observed @SavageWizzrobe.

“Not only was it great to finally see adult Bluey, but Bandit watching the Paralympics was very cool! Shoutout to all the Paralympians of the world!” cheered @RadiantSkyDog.

Of course seasoned parents know what this newest episode will bring...

“So who enjoyed the new surprise episode of Bluey today?” tweeted @kevmcdonk. “I did until I realised my youngest will now be trying to jump out at me for the next week…”