Exclusive Look at 'Caillou’s Perfect Christmas' Special
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Watch The Exclusive Trailer For Caillou's Perfect Christmas!

Let’s face it, we can all learn to let go of our perfectionism around the holidays!

Every parent wants to create the perfect Christmas for their kiddo, but of course, life gets in the way of our most Instagram-worthy intentions. Enter Caillou’s Perfect Christmas, which follows the relatable story of a Christmas Eve when the weather outside is frightful and a snow storm threatens to dash Caillou’s plans for the ideal holiday. Good thing his mom is there to swoop in and save the day with a little story to reframe her son’s expectations. As she spins the Christmas yarn of Santa's Head Elf who is forced to improvise when the toy-making machines go bust in Santa's workshop, Caillou let’s go of his need for perfection and learns that Christmas doesn't have to be the absolute best ever to still be special. He can still enjoy an unforgettable holiday, even when it doesn’t match his initial high Yuletide standards.

In Romper’s exclusive look at the official trailer for this brand new holiday episode, Caillou and his sister Rosie are ready to get into the Christmas spirit wearing a Santa hat and reindeer antlers.

“Can you believe Santa’s coming tonight?” asks Caillou’s mom Doris.

“I can’t believe it. I hope I get a robot!,” says Caillou.

But before anyone can think about unwrapping any presents, the precocious 4-year-old protagonist reminds his mother that they have lots to do to prepare for Santa’s arrival, including: putting up stockings, decorating the tree once dad lugs it home, making cookies, and gearing up for a good old fashion family TV hang to take in The Nutcracker with grandma and grandpa.

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While most kids are more interested in demolishing wrapping paper to get to their gifts, Caillou is amped about getting ready for the holiday with some serious organization. When his mom suggests making a checklist to make sure they don’t forget anything, Caillou is beyond enthused: “Yeah, yeah, yeah! Let’s make a list!”

So Caillou whips out his green crayon and concocts a cute visual checklist that would make The Home Edit hosts proud. Mom follows along with her adorably organized kid’s list and the duo get going on the stockings. Even Gilbert the family pet has one to hang on the mantle, but he seems much more interested in lounging in his cat bed and pawing a jingle bell.

Check out Romper’s exclusive look at the trailer below!

If you want to catch a sweet and family-friendly show about the holidays, look no further than Caillou’s Perfect Christmas. In addition to getting your kid super excited about Christmas season, the show might even inspire your little one to get a little more organized and make a little checklist of his own. For families with kids who have never planned ahead a day in their last-minute lives, that would really be a Christmas miracle.

Caillou’s Perfect Christmas premieres on Friday Dec. 9 on Peacock.