Channing Tatum is a Swiftie.

Channing Tatum Wore Glitter & A "Hi, I'm The Daddy" Shirt To Taylor Swift's Concert

Oh, and he and his daughter were spotted trading friendship bracelets with fellow Swifties.

One thing we now know for certain: Channing Tatum is a Swiftie. The children’s book author took his daughter to Taylor Swift’s concert in Los Angeles this weekend, and it was clearly not much of a chore for him. He might have loved it even more than his daughter. See the Magic Mike star’s iconic “daddy” t-shirt for evidence.

Apparently Saturday night at Swift’s Eras concert tour was all about celebrity parents and their daughters, because Gayle King was also on hand with her daughter Kirby Bumpus. Which is how we know Tatum was there dancing his sweet heart out. King shared photos and video from the concert on Instagram, featuring a blissed-out Tatum. In one video King shared, he and his 10-year-old daughter Everly, who he shares with ex-wife Jenna Dewan, were both wearing friendship bracelets and looked like they were doing a cute choreographed dance to Swift’s music.

Best of all, however, was Tatum’s shirt featured in the third photo in King’s Instagram post. Homemade, paired with cut off denim shorts and stick-on jewels in hearts around his eye, reading “It’s me. Hi. I’m the Daddy. It’s me,” clearly a reference to Swift’s “Anti-Hero” song.

As if that’s not sweet enough, Tatum and Everly traded friendship bracelets with fellow Swifties at the concert, as seen in a sweet TikTok shared by @thaatgirlcarlie. This has become something of a trend at Swift’s concerts, inspired by the lyrics from one of her Midnight songs, “Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it …” Fans have been making their own friendship bracelets ahead of the concert and then trading them with strangers or simply buying them at the concert. And of course Tatum, everyone’s favorite extrovert dad, had to be part of it.

Tatum’s open exuberance at Swift’s concert is very much in keeping with his parenting style with Everly. He wrote a children’s book in honor of his daughter called The One And Only Sparkella about embracing silliness and dress-up in 2021. This is sort of his modus operandi as a dad, he told Romper at the time, advising other dads of daughters to “just wear the tutu, just put it on, put on makeup — who cares? Like, who really does care, if it’s going to make your kid happy and laugh and you bond with them and get that time with them? You’re going to be the coolest person in the world to them.”

Sure, as a dad Tatum understands that he has to take care of his daughter. But as he told Romper, “she also knows that we’re going to go and get into some trouble, too.”

Taylor Swift herself would surely approve.