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20 Magical Children’s Books About Witches For All Ages

They’re great for Halloween and beyond.

As we prepare to celebrate Halloween, it can be fun to give everything a little bit of a spooky twist — even reading time with the kids. If your little ones love to read or be read to, then you’ve probably already stocked up on some great books about Halloween. But if those are starting to get stale, there’s another option: children’s books about witches. There are so many to choose from, whether you want to read something cute to your toddler or have your tween read something magical and kind of creepy.

Witches can be a quintessential part of Halloween, especially if the image they conjure up is one of straw hair, a pointy hat, long black robes, and a broomstick. But witches and witchcraft have a much longer and more interesting history than that. Records of witches (usually women doing evil spells and calling upon spirits to do their bidding) have been around since B.C. times and are even found in the Bible. This makes them a pretty fascinating part of history, so definitely a good subject for a kid’s book!

If your child is interested in reading more about witches in any form, get them started with these magical books about witches. At the very least, it will get them ready for Halloween!

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A Children’s Classic

Made for older kids in mind (Scholastic recommends this book for grades 6 through 9), The Witches by Roald Dahl is a classic for Halloween or any time of the year. It’s particularly relevant lately because the movie based on the book was remade recently — you can watch it on HBO Max. The book is pure Roald Dahl joy, and it’s definitely a bit on the creepy side (although the movie is a lot creepier). Set in Norway and England, it’s about an English boy who lives with his Norwegian grandmother in a world where witches exist. Except they’re not ordinary witches — they are child-hating witch societies and they secretly exist all over the world.


A Family Fun Book

This adorable board book was made for kids ages 3 to 7 in mind and is fun to read with the whole family. There’s nothing creepy or spooky about the witch or the characters in this book, which makes it ideal for younger kids who are just starting to understand fear. It’s a story about friendship and adventure, told in a rhyme that is fun to read and listen to. In the book, a witch and her cat are flying through the air on a broomstick when they get into a bit of trouble. Three friendly animals end up helping them out and then have to try and save the witch when trouble strikes.


A Children’s Fantasy Book

This is the 60th anniversary edition of Little Witches, which has clearly been viewed as a classic for a really long time now. It’s recommended for kids ages 7 to 10 years, and is 128 pages, so this isn’t for really little ones. It’s a great mix of fantasy and comedy, and it’s super fun to read, especially around Halloween. The book follows the adventures of Minx, a 9-year-old witch who wants to sneak away from her witch duties and go to school… and one day she makes it happen. This is a great read for kids who loved stories like Harry Potter.


A Funny Bedtime Story

This cute bedtime story is perfect to read to little kids during their nighttime routine — this one also happens to be a Kindle Edition, so it’s easy to read on the go as well. The story is especially great for kids dealing with fears. It’s about a young witch who was too afraid to fly on her broom because she was scared she would fall. One day, a fairy queen visits her in a dream and asks her a question that helps to encourage the witch to face the reason for her fear, and changes her life forever. This is a great introduction to talking to your kids about their own fears and finding courage.


An Alphabet Book

Alphabet board books might not be the most exciting read for the parents, but they are great for little kids who are just learning their ABCs. This book is intended to teach kids the ins and outs of witchcraft using the alphabet and lots of beautiful illustrations. Each letter of the ABCs goes with a rhyming phrase that teaches kids about witches — think “A is for altar” and “D is for drawing down the moon.” It’s a cute, magical book that really helps them learn, and is especially great for parents who are involved with witchcraft themselves and want to teach their kids more.


A Book For Grandma To Read

Adorably illustrated, this bewitching book is actually a great way to teach kids that there’s nothing wrong with being different. This story is about a grandma who is a little bit different than other grandmas (spoiler alert: she’s a witch). At first, the little girl wants her grandma to be just like all of the other grandmas out there. But, at one point, she realizes that the other grandmothers are kind of boring and she begins to accept and love her wacky, wild, witchy grandma for who she is. Use this book to bring up conversations about being unique.


A Beautifully Illustrated Tale

Named a 2010 Bank Street Best Children’s Book of the Year, Only a Witch Can Fly is a gorgeous book that you and your little one will love looking through. It’s also about overcoming tough things and going after what you want, even when everyone is telling you it’s impossible. In this paperback, a little girl wants to fly like a witch more than anything, and one night, after thinking about it, she grabs her cat and her broom and she tries. She keeps trying until something magical happens. This sweet paperback book is inspiring for kids and adults alike.


An Italian Story

Strega Nona is not a Halloween-themed book, and it’s not your typical book about witches either. It’s perfect to read at any time of the year, and it’s the re-telling of an old tale with the addition of a lot of pasta. (Who can complain about that?) In the book, Strega Nona (which translates to Grandma Witch) is the resident witch in a city in Italy who needs a little extra help. So, she hires Big Anthony as her assistant… and he gets a little bit too greedy with her magic. Big Anthony ends up learning a big lesson, and so does the reader in this cute and classic story.


A Story About Friendship

This story, which is great for young kids ages 3 to 7, is an adorable little bedtime story and is especially perfect for Halloween. This one teaches yet another important lesson: that a good deed is always better than a bad one, even when you’re a witch. Alice and Greta, two friends and tiny witches, go to the same school of magic, but they don’t agree on everything. While Alice uses her magic to cast good spells, Greta uses her magic to cause trouble. In the end, they both end up helping each other out. It’s a fun way for kids to learn about friendship.


A Story About Believing

This simple chapter book is a great starter read for kids who are just beginning to get into longer paperback chapter books. It’s one of the author’s many fantasy stories that will delight and entertain readers because it’s so charming and magical. In the book, Nora Cooper and her brother Tad get involved with their animal-loving neighbor, Maggie. Maggie also makes really delicious fudge, and as it turns out, that fudge is magical. After eating some of it, Nora finds she can talk to her dog! Throughout the book, Nora and Tad find out what happens when someone eats too much fudge, and it’s definitely interesting.


An Award-Winning Book

You’ve likely heard of or at least seen The Girl Who Drank The Moon, a 2017 award winning, best selling book that has been nearly impossible to ignore. This magical kids book is definitely for older kids (it’s recommended for ages 10 to 14 and is 400 pages long), and it’s one they won’t soon forget. In this fantasy chapter book, the people of the Protectorate leave one baby every year as an offering to a witch who lives in the forest so that she won’t terrorize their town. The witch happens to be very kind, rescues the children, feeds them starlight, and sends them off to happy families. One day, she feeds a baby moonlight instead, and ends up having to raise her as her own.


A Timeless & Heartwarming Story

This story was originally published back in 1971, so it’s an oldie but a goodie, and it stands up to the test of time. Ideal for ages 8 to 12, it’s about a little witch named Felina who gets lost and goes through a magical transformation when she ends up finding love with a human family, the Doons. When the Doons find Felina, they take her in as their own, and she learns the true meaning of family. Of course, the reader also finds the meaning of family, making this sweet story a heartwarming tale to read all together.


A Witchy Series

If you want to get your kids into a book series, try Winnie and Wilbur. This series includes a lot of books, and this is one of the first to introduce readers to Winnie the witch. Winnie lives with her cat, Wilbur, and she’s constantly tripping over him. In this book, she finds spells to make sure she never trips over him again. The books are full of fantastic artwork, fun storylines, and a cute story of friendship and adventure. The books got so big that they were turned into a TV show in the United Kingdom, which is no surprise.


A Fun Chapter Book

This cute chapter book is perfect for older kids (recommended ages are 8 to 12), and makes for an entertaining and easy read. And, if they like it, there are other books in the series, so it’s not just a one-off! It’s about a girl named Mildred Hubble who is learning how to become a witch at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches, except she’s having a lot of trouble. Mildred can’t seem to get anything down, and to make matters worse, the teacher’s pet becomes her worst enemy. This is an excellent story for kids who feel like they aren’t doing anything good enough.


A Double Holiday Book

Why read about one holiday when you can read about two? This magical book for children is about both Halloween and Christmas, and it features beautiful and fun illustrations that will make you somehow look forward to both holidays. The book is about a little witch named Trixie who loves Christmas more than Halloween, and is kind of seen as an outcast because of it. Trixie gets Santa’s help to spread some Christmas joy, but she ends up having to save the holiday for everyone. It’s a story about sticking to what you love, no matter who is teasing you about it.


An Adventurous Tale

Another one that is made for older readers (8 to 12 years is the recommended age group), this paperback is a magical story especially perfect for fans of Harry Potter. It’s a fantasy book about a young heroine named Chantel who is trying to save the world, even though she’s constantly finding herself in big trouble at school. When Miss Ellicott and all of the other sorceresses in the city disappear, it’s up to Chantel and her friends to save their kingdom on dangerous, adventurous missions. It’s spell-binding, entertaining, and a fun read so kids will definitely get very into it.


A Baby Witch Book

Babies like to read about witches, too! This board book version of Meg and Mog is based on the bestselling series Meg and Mog, just simplified down with fun and colorful illustrations to be more appealing to very little ones. Meg and Mog is a series of children’s books that were first published back in the 1970s, and tell the story of Meg, a witch whose spells always go wrong no matter how hard she tries, and her striped cat Mog. This board book is a great way to introduce your young ones to the story, and who knows? Maybe they’ll get into the old series later in life.


A Harry Potter Book

This book, Calling All Witches: The Girls Who Left Their Mark On The Wizarding World, is a little bit different than the other stories on this list. Written about the Harry Potter universe specifically, it’s a collection of favorite girl power movie moments from the HP series, with pages dedicated to the female superstars who made the book series what it is today. This includes stories about Hermione Granger, Leta Lestrange, and Minerva McGonagall, and it also introduces the reader to more history about characters like Bellatrix Lestrange. This is a book for Harry Potter fans, and those who have read the series will love it.


A Book With A Little History

This is a Newbery Medal-winning novel that gives the reader a little bit of history while also entertaining them with a fascinating and magical tale. In the book, 16-year-old Kit Tyler faces prejudice and accusations of witchcraft. The big problem? The book takes place in 17th century Connecticut, where witches are being hunted. Kit was forced to leave her home and family on the island of Barbados and try to fit in with a new family. She struggles to be herself until she finds a friend who is a witch, and helps her learn how to be herself through tough lessons.


A Fun Starter Book

If you’re looking for books for your kids who are just starting to read on their own and get into longer stories, this one is perfect. Made with Step 3 readers in mind, this book tells the story of a little witch through both words and fun illustrations. When Little Witch is forced to stay home on Halloween night because she’s been too good (Witches are supposed to be evil, remember?), she decides to take a few trick-or-treaters on the broomstick ride of their lives. It’s engaging, features an easy-to-follow plot, and will keep kids interested in learning to read.

Read these through Halloween to really get in the spooky spirit of things! But the great thing about almost all of them is that they’re perfect for any time of the year... especially for the kids who like things on the creepy side.