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Chris Pratt Explains Why He Thinks People Should “Rush” To Have Kids

“Rush. Have them. Of course, make sure you find a great partner, but don’t wait.”

Chris Pratt was 33 years old when he welcomed his son Jack, now 10, with ex-wife Anna Faris, and as far as he is concerned, the younger the better when it comes to becoming a dad. Within reason, of course. The actor, who is also dad to 2-year-old daughter Lyla and 10-month-old daughter Eloise with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, spoke to Men’s Journal about how much fatherhood has changed him and why he thinks people who want kids shouldn’t wait too long to have them.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star spoke to Men’s Journal about how becoming a dad made him a better actor, and admitted that he doesn’t really agree with that old adage, “Don’t rush to have kids.” In fact he thinks people should “rush.”

“People say all the time, ‘Don’t rush to have kids.’ I personally disagree,” Pratt told the magazine. “Rush. Have them. Of course, make sure you find a great partner, but don’t wait.”

Pratt went on to share that he isn’t the only celebrity dad who thinks people should rush to have kids. “I was talking to Adam Sandler a while back and he said, ‘Every day you wait is a day they don’t get to have you in their life.’ The younger you have kids, the more time they get to have with you. It’s wild. Having kids is incredible. The things you normally take for granted in life are new,” he added in the same interview.

The dad of three isn’t just talking about those cute baby years either. “As they grow up, it becomes more about connecting with them as individuals and what makes them unique. The softness of their hearts. How their minds work. How they’re the same as you. How they’re different,” Pratt told Men’s Journal.

Certainly both Pratt and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger have made it clear that they love being parents and going through the daily routines with their family. Schwarzenegger told Romper that they prioritize eating together with their two daughters and her stepson Jack whenever possible “even just for five minutes.” And for his part, Pratt’s Twitter has long been dedicated not just to promoting his career, but also sharing little tidbits about his happy dad life.

Not everyone has the ability to “rush” to have kids as Chris Pratt is recommending, of course. But his opinion is clearly a compliment for his family. He wants everyone to enjoy their kids as much as he has done. And you can’t say any better than that.