Chrissy Teigen's daughter Luna remembers brother Jack.
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No One Is Sweeter Than Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Luna Talking To Baby Jack's Ashes

"Hi guys! This is baby Jack and this is Chucky and I'm Luna. How are you doing today?"

In the wake of her losing her third child due to pregnancy complications, Chrissy Teigen's daughter Luna honored her brother Jack's ashes in truly heartwarming way — with her stuffed bear. She might only be 4 years old. She might not even be able to fully comprehend what that loss meant. But, as her mom wrote on Instagram, she is already her "incredibly empathetic mini me."

Teigen and her husband John Legend shared the sad news at the beginning of October that they had lost their son due to pregnancy complications. Teigen told her followers on Instagram that they had named their baby boy Jack, and proceeded to take nearly a month away from social media to give herself and her family time to heal before writing a poignant essay about her loss for Medium. In that essay, she wrote about her two children, Luna and 2-year-old brother Miles, and how they helped her heal, "I find myself randomly crying, thinking about how happy I am to have two insanely wonderful little toddlers who fill this house with love. I smother them with love while they “Moooooooom!!!!!” me. I don’t care."

Luna might be little, but she has taken in the loss of her brother. As Teigen explained in an Instagram video, the family had received Jack's ashes with some "blessed holy Thai string," and Luna went ahead and set the box beside a little therapy teddy bear before "giving him a piece of her favorite snack," which she set on the little box.

Teigen went on to share another video in the same post of Luna having a conversation with Jack's ashes and the teddy bear, saying, "Hi guys! This is baby Jack and this is Chucky and I'm Luna. How are you doing today?"

Teigen wrote in the caption, "our house is very open about life, death, grief, everything really. we try to explain things well and answer every question imaginable in a beautiful, spiritual but literal way. I know this is a weird post but I just wanted to share these to always remember my incredibly empathetic little mini. life is infinitely better with her in it. I miss u, jack. we miss you a lot."

Experts have said that open communication with kids is integral to ensuring they understand grief and loss. Modeling natural, open responses to sadness teaches them that it's OK to be sad, OK to miss people, and OK to talk about their feelings. And, in Luna's case, OK to have a playdate with her baby brother's ashes if that makes her feel connected to him.