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20 Christmas Movies On Amazon Prime You Can Watch With The Whole Family

‘Tis the season for family nights full of blanket forts, hot cocoa, and Christmas movies!

by Morgan Brinlee and Alexia McKay
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Christmas is coming and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with a cheery film centered around the magic of Christmas. Whether your family prefers holiday classics like Scrooge and It’s a Wonderful Life or an action-packed hilarious comedy like Jingle All The Way, there’s something for everyone in Amazon Prime’s list of Christmas movies.

Families staying home for the holidays and looking to add a few new films to their lists of must-watch Christmas movies might consider Jim Henson’s The Christmas Toy or Babes in Toyland, which stars a young Keanu Reeves alongside an even younger Drew Barrymore. Or if you’re just looking to keep the kids occupied while you wrap a few presents in the next room, consider An All Dogs Christmas Carol, which uses the characters from All Dogs Go To Heaven to retell Charles Dickens’ famous holiday novella. Younger children may also enjoy the animated Amazon Originals The Snowy Day and If You Give A Mouse A Christmas Cookie. Both films are based on beloved picture books, making them a great way to encourage reading in children.

With so many movies to choose from, even the most bah humbug person in your family is sure to find something they like. Check out these 20 Christmas movies available to stream now on Amazon Prime:


An All Dogs Christmas Carol

An All Dogs Christmas Carol (1998)Amazon Prime

An All Dogs Christmas Carol is essentially an animated musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ beloved holiday novella A Christmas Carol. But instead of a miserly Scrooge, we have greedy Carface, a villainous American Pit Bull Terrier Bulldog mix. When Itchy and Charlie Barkin team up with Sasha la Fleur to raise money for an injured puppy named Timmy, Carface steals the funds they’ve raised. Can Charlie and Itchy find a way to scare "the Dickens" out of Carface and convince him to ​return the money for Timmy before Christmas is completely ruined? An All Dogs Christmas Carol is rated G, meaning it is appropriate for viewers of all ages.

Watch An All Dogs Christmas Carol, rated G.


Jingle All The Way

Jingle All The Way (1996)Amazon Prime

If you’ve ever found yourself madly searching store after store for that one specific toy your child has sworn is the only thing they want for the holidays, then you’ll likely relate to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s troubles in Jingle All the Way. For parents, the film can be an all too relatable look into the stress of holiday shopping. It stars Schwarzenegger as Howard Langston, a workaholic dad who’s promised to get his son Jamie the hottest toy of the season — Turbo-Man. Of course, Howard has put off his shopping until the last possible moment, meaning Turbo-Man is practically sold out.

Watch Jingle All the Way, rated PG.


Babes in Toyland

Babes in Toyland (1986)Amazon Prime

A young Drew Barrymore stars alongside Keanu Reeves in the 1986 Christmas musical Babes in Toyland. Barrymore plays Lisa Piper, an 11-year-old who has grown up too quickly following the passing of her father and now claims she has no time for toys or other childish games of pretend. One Christmas Eve, a blizzard transports Lisa to Toyland. There she meets Mary Contrary, a young woman who has been betrothed to old Barnaby Barnacle despite being in love with Jack Nimble. When Lisa learns Barnaby is planning a wicked take over of Toyland, she stops Mary’s wedding and the two seek out the Toymaster for help in saving Toyland. Babes in Toyland has been rated G, making it perfect for the whole family.

Watch Babes in Toyland, rated G.


Scrooge (In Color)

Scrooge (In Color) (1935)LMPC/LMPC/Getty Images

Ebenezer Scrooge, one of Charles Dickens’ best-known characters, is the focus of this 1935 holiday film, which has been converted into color for a richer viewing experience. In Scrooge, a curmudgeonly and miserly old businessman takes out his disdain for the Christmas holiday on his poor employee Bob Cratchit. One Christmas Eve, however, Scrooge is visited by four spirits who all show him visions he’d normally never have the chance to see. But can what they show him change Scrooge’s miserly attitude before he ends up alone and forgotten? Amazon recommends this version of Scrooge for children ages 7 and up.

Watch Scrooge, rated PG.


Jim Henson’s The Christmas Toy

Jim Henson’s The Christmas Toy (1986)Amazon Prime

Produced by The Jim Henson Company, The Christmas Toy features many of Jim Henson’s Muppets. Although originally made for TV in 1986, the film still functions as a delightful holiday movie. It takes place in a child’s playroom on Christmas Eve when Rugby the Tiger remembers how he was the favorite toy last Christmas. Eager to be loved again rather than replaced by a new toy, Rugby leaves the playroom in hopes of wrapping himself in a box under the Christmas Tree. But while toys can play when no children are around, they must be careful that no one catches them “out of position.” If Rugby’s owner Jamie unwraps his toy tiger on Christmas morning, he’ll know the toys can move on their own and Rugby will be frozen forever for having broken the toy’s number one rule. Can the other toys work together to rescue Rugby before it’s too late? This film is rated appropriate for all ages.

Watch The Christmas Toy, rated G.


The Snowy Day

Snowy Day (2016)Amazon Prime

Based on the 1962 children’s picture book of the same name, The Snowy Day is an Amazon Original that centers around what happens when a young boy named Peter explores his neighborhood after the first snowfall of the year. Dressed in his bright red snowsuit, Peter makes tracks through the snow before stumbling on some older children having a snowball fight. When Peter is told he’s too young to participate in a snowball fight this fierce, he opts to make a snowman and snow angels. While not quite as long as a traditional movie — The Snowy Day is just 38 minutes long — this animated short brings a beloved holiday book to life for young children.

Watch The Snowy Day, rated for all audiences.


If You Give A Mouse A Christmas Cookie

You Give A Mouse A Christmas Cookie (2016)Amazon Prime

Based on a popular children’s book series from Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond, Amazon’s If You Give A Mouse A Christmas Cookie infuses a bit of holiday cheer into this well-loved timeless classic series. The short holiday film — If You Give a Mouse a Christmas Cookie is just 43 minutes long — follows Mouse and his human friend Oliver as the two prepare for Christmas. Unfortunately, impatient Mouse tends to get distracted from tasks, leading him and his friends into trouble. Can Mouse learn the value of paying attention and thinking things through in order to earn his friends’ forgiveness? Common Sense Media recommends this holiday short for children ages 4 and up.

Watch If You Give A Mouse A Christmas Cookie, rated for all audiences.


It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s A Wonderful Life (1947)Amazon Prime

Celebrate the season with a beloved holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. Released in 1947, the film centers around George Bailey, a man struggling to overcome the many problems in his life on Christmas. As George contemplates ending it all, angels in heaven discuss George’s life before dispatching a guardian angel. In a twist of fate, George ends up rescuing his guardian angel, who then shows him what his family and town would have looked like had he not been a part of things. You’ll find both a black-and-white version and a color version of It’s a Wonderful Life available to stream on Amazon Prime. While the film deals with some mature topics — namely suicide ideation — Common Sense Media has recommended It’s a Wonderful Life for children ages 9 and up.

Watch It’s a Wonderful Life, rated PG13.


Christmas with the Andersons

Christmas with the Andersons (2016)Amazon Prime

Michael and Caroline Anderson are known for going all out at Christmas time. Aside from spoiling their 10-year-old twins with an endless mountain of gifts, the couple is well-known for throwing the biggest, brightest, and best holiday party in the neighborhood. But when Michael loses his job and Caroline’s business starts struggling to turn a profit, both Christmas and their annual party seem at risk of being canceled. In Christmas with the Andersons, the couple is visited by Aunt Katie, who helps them and their 10-year-old twins realize that Christmas is about more than the gifts they receive or the parties they host.

Watch Christmas with the Andersons, which has not been rated.


The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas (2012)Amazon Prime

Based on Dr. Seuss’ popular The Cat in the Hat children’s picture book series, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas sees Cat reunited with Nick and Sally for a holiday adventure. Join the trio as they journey around the world in a quest to help a lost reindeer find his way back home to Freezeyourknees, Snowland, before Christmas. Common Sense Media has recommended The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas for children age 3 and up. Fans of the film may also enjoy The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas picture book, which can be purchased for less than $10 from Amazon.

Watch The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas, rated G.


12 Dogs of Christmas

12 Dogs of Christmas (2016)Amazon Prime

Imagine a world without dogs. That’s what life is like in Doverville, a town where the mayor and his evil dog-catcher of a brother have moved to ban dogs. In 12 Dogs of Christmas, 12-year-old Emma is sent to live with her aunt in Doverville during the Great Depression. Outraged by the insane law, Emma teams up with the owner of a nearby dog sanctuary to not only have the law overturned but to also teach the people of Doverville about the true meaning of Christmas. Common Sense Media recommends 12 Dogs of Christmas for children ages 7 and up.

Watch 12 Dogs of Christmas, rated G.


The Yummy Gummy Search For Santa

The Yummy Gummy Search For Santa (2014)Amazon Prime

The Yummy Gummy Search For Santa is a computer-animated holiday film featuring Gummibar, a popular multilingual YouTube character. In the film, Gummibar and his friends Cat, Bat, and Chameleon learn from Santa’s Elves that Santa Claus has gone missing. When Gummibar and his friends travel to the North Pole to uncover the mystery behind Santa’s disappearance they quickly find themselves on a mission to rescue Santa Claus from an alien kidnapper. But can the gang recover Santa and save Christmas before it’s too late? Common Sense Media recommends The Yummy Gummy Search For Santa for children ages 5 and up.

Watch The Yummy Gummy Search For Santa, which has not been rated.


Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel (2009)Amazon Prime

For many, the holidays can be a difficult time to find yourself alone. For Ashley, that feeling of loneliness is made worse by the fact that she’s currently unemployment. Feeling desperate, Ashley accepts a job offer extended by her reclusive neighbor Nick. But before Ashley can fully commit to being Nick’s personal assistant, she must agree to one condition: She can never reveal that he is a secret Santa dedicated to helping people in need. Things seem to be going great until a handsome — and nosey — reporter starts snooping around with the intention of unraveling Nick’s secret. According to Amazon, Christmas Angel has been rated appropriate for children age 7 and up.

Watch Christmas Angel, which has not been rated.


A Very Corgi Christmas

A Very Corgi Christmas (2019)Amazon Prime

All Lauren, a single working mom, wants for Christmas is a little bit of time over the holidays to work on a project that could nab her a serious promotion at work. Unfortunately, Lauren’s plans to sneak in a little work while spending Christmas with her son fall to pieces when she meets Ben, a single dad intent on spreading the Christmas spirit. When Ben decides a Corgi puppy would be the perfect gift for his daughter, he enlists Lauren with helping him keep the gift a secret. As Lauren attempts to keep up with the playful Corgi pup, she learns the importance of family and spending time with those you love, especially during the holidays.

Watch A Very Corgi Christmas, which has been approved for all ages.


A Christmas Tree Miracle

A Christmas Tree Miracle (2013)Amazon Prime

The George family thought they had it all. But one holiday season the family is given a shocking wake-up call when dad David loses his job. Because the Georges had been living beyond their means, taking lavish trips and over-extending their budget, creditors show up to take possession of their house. Downtrodden and depressed, the family is reminded of the true meaning of Christmas when they are taken in by a local tree farmer, who reminds them that miracles can happen if you only believe. Although not rated, A Christmas Tree Miracle is described by Amazon as “a warm-hearted holiday tale for the whole family,” making it the perfect film for a Christmas movie night.

Watch A Christmas Tree Miracle, rated TG-G.


Franklin’s Magic Christmas

Franklin’s Magic Christmas (2001)Amazon Prime

Based on characters from Brenda Clark and Paulette Bourgeois’ popular children’s book series Franklin (which also inspired Kaboom! Entertainment’s animated television series of the same name), Franklin’s Magic Christmas finds Franklin the Turtle struggling to get along with his younger sister Harriet once holiday season. The film opens as Franklin and his family are preparing to leave home to spend Christmas on his grandparents’ farm. When Harriet hits Franklin with a snowball, he snaps at her. Later, he accuses her having hidden his favorite stuffed animal in the snow as a sort of prank. Can Franklin get over his annoyance with his sister or will his mood dampen the family’s celebrations? The Franklin series is recommended by Common Sense Media for children ages 3 and up.

Watch Franklin’s Magic Christmas, rated TG-G.


The Dog Who Saved Christmas

The Dog Who Saved Christmas (2009)Amazon Prime

Mario Lopez voices Zeus, a Labrador Retriever who was once a police dog in The Dog Who Saved Christmas. Unfortunately, Zeus is turned over to the pound when he loses his bark during an important investigation. It’s there that Zeus is adopted by George Bannister just in time for Christmas. When George and his family head off to grandma’s for Christmas Eve, Zeus finds himself face to face with two burglars intent on robbing the home. Can this retired police dog foil these criminals’ plan or will he prove to be outmatched? The Dog Who Saved Christmas is recommended by Common Sense Media for children ages 6 and up.

Watch The Dog Who Saved Christmas, rated PG.


A Country Christmas

A Country Christmas (2013)Amazon Prime

What would the Christmas holiday be without Santa Claus? In A Country Christmas, an aggrieved politician successfully campaigns to ban the belief in Santa. But without children to believe in him, Santa Claus finds his magical powers slowly disappearing, putting Christmas at risk. Without his powers, Santa becomes trapped in a barn that belongs to two children and their parents. When the children discover Santa is magic-less, they set out to help him recover his powers by bolstering others’ belief in Santa. Common Sense Media has recommended A Country Christmas be limited to an audience of 6 years old and older.

Watch A Country Christmas, rated PG.


Christmas Classics: Jingle Bells

Christmas Classics: Jingle Bells (1999)Amazon Prime

The voice talents of Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander, Don Knotts of The Andy Griffith Show, and Shelley Long of Cheers come together in the animated children’s holiday classic Jingle Bells. The film centers around a loving family that lives on a small farm and worries about having enough money to buy each other gifts for Christmas. A joyful elf narrates the story of how the family comes to learn that the best Christmas gifts aren’t the ones found in a store, but the ones that come from the giver’s heart. Christmas Classics: Jingle Bells is a fun film for all ages.

Watch Christmas Classics: Jingle Bells, rated G.


10 Hours For Christmas

10 Hours for Christmas (2020)Amazon Prime

10 Hours for Christmas, or 10 Horas Para O Natal, is a Spanish-language holiday film that can be watched in either Spanish, English, or Portuguese on Amazon. It centers around Julia, Miguel, and Bia, three children struggling to enjoy the holidays after their parents have divorced. When an unexpected issue at work forces their mother to leave them unattended, the children decide to surprise their parents with Christmas dinner in hopes the holiday meal might bring them back together. But can the kids figure out how to throw the best Christmas their family has ever seen or will the night end in chaos? The film is recommended by Amazon for children 7 and up.

Watch 10 Hours for Christmas, which has not been rated.

Happy watching!

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